Expert Tree Lopping Ningi & Tree Removals Ningi

O’Brien’s Tree Care is a local, family-owned and operated business serving Ningi and Bribie Island. Our expert team has over 10-years of experience and is dedicated to offering excellent customer service and competitive rates. Whatever your needs, from tree removal to landscaping our team have the experience and know-how Ningi trusts.

Ningi Tree Care and Landscaping Services

O’Brien’s Tree Care provides a range of services throughout Ningi and Bribie Island including:

  • Tree Removal and Tree Lopping Ningi
  • Tree Care and Tree Pruning Ningi
  • Tree Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Ningi
  • Palm Tree Removal and Palm Tree Cleaning Ningi
  • Emergency Tree Removal Ningi
  • Emergency Storm Clean Up Ningi
  • Arborist Services Ningi
  • Land Clearing Ningi
  • Chipping and Mulching Ningi
  • Landscaping Ningi
  • Commercial Tree Services Ningi

Why choose us for arborist services in Ningi?

If you are needing a tree removed in Ningi it is best to hire a professional to complete this work for you. The correct training and equipment are needed to ensure that there is no injury to people or damage to the surrounding property.

Our team have years of experience in completing tree removals and will ensure that all work is completed safely and to your satisfaction. We can complete any tree removal work required in Ningi. We also provide complete palm removal and cleaning services.

If you prefer to keep the trees, our team are professionally trained to complete tree pruning and tree care at your property in Ningi. To avoid any damage to the tree and ensure its health and longevity, hire a professional arborist in Ningi.

We will prune the tree correctly to ensure that it not only survives but continues to thrive. It is important, particularly prior to storm season, that you have your trees assessed to ensure they are healthy and there is no damage to any limbs or rot that may pose a risk in the future. Our team can provide an onsite consultation at your property in Ningi.

Whether we have completed the tree work, or you have done so yourself, we can complete onsite chipping. Keep the mulch to revive the rest of your garden, or we can take it away free of charge.

Tree Pruning Ningi

At O’Brien’s Tree Care, we don’t just remove trees. We always encourage our clients to keep trees if they are healthy and pose no risk to people or property. Our team of qualified arborists can provide tree pruning and tree hedging services to Ningi and Bribie Island residents. To ensure that trees are maintained, healthy and aesthetically pleasing, we can also develop a tree management plan to ensure that vital regular maintenance is performed.

Prior to storm season or bush fire season, our team can also come to your home or business and complete an assessment so that we can make recommendations on any potential hazards at your Ningi property.

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    Palm Clean Up & Palm Removal Ningi

    Palms can easily fall into one of two categories in our gardens. They are either beautiful, structural trees that add value to any Queensland property or grow out of control.

    If you are struggling with the latter, we can clean out the excess fronds and dead matter from your palms. This will improve the look and health of the tree. If necessary, we can also fully remove palm trees.

    palm removal Ningi
    emergency tree removal Ningi

    Emergency Tree Work Ningi

    Our weather in Queensland can change from a nice, sunny day to a major storm event in a split second. If you have had a tree come down in a storm, O’Brien’s Tree Care provide emergency tree work in Ningi, any time, day or night. Our team will come to site to remove any risk of further damage and then completely clean up trees or tree limbs that have come down.

    We can also complete an assessment of any existing trees and their potential to pose a risk in the event of future storms. Our team are available 24/7 for any emergency tree work required at your Ningi Property.

    Stump Grinding Ningi

    There is no need to leave an unsafe and ugly stump behind taking up space on your property after the tree has been felled. At O’Brien’s Tree Care we offer safe and reliable stump grinding services to Ningi residents. Watch the unsafe stump disappear with our efficient, comprehensive tree root removal packages. It doesn’t matter what type of tree you have or how big the stump is. Our specialist machinery and skilled workers will transform the old stump into dust.

    stump grinding Ningi
    landscaping Ningi

    Landscaping Ningi

    Our team also provide landscaping services for projects of all sizes throughout Ningi and Bribie Island. Whether you have just built a new house and need turf laid, new gardens established or you would like to clean up existing landscaping, we can tackle all projects.

    Our team will come to site and discuss your ideas and the level of ongoing maintenance that you would like, to design landscaping to suit your lifestyle. We really enjoy these projects and pay particular attention to developing designs that are sustainable with minimal impact on the environment. We can design and establish beautiful landscaping that you can enjoy for many years to come.

    If you have recently purchased a block of land and need some trees and land cleared so that you can commence the exciting process of building your new home, our team can come to site and also work with the building company on the land clearing requirements in preparation for the build.