Hedge Maintenance & Planting

Hedge maintenance, pruning, trimming, hedge design and planting are all made easy with the experts from O’Brien’s Tree Care.

Hedges are versatile and beautiful features that instantly give any garden character. But hedge maintenance can put people off these great garden elements. The experts at O’Brien’s Tree Care make hedge maintenance, design and planting easy.

There is a huge variety of hedge types, styles and shapes to suit any garden. So whether you’re looking for some extra privacy, a windbreak, or just a new garden feature, hedging offers a natural and elegant solution.

Why Choose Professional Hedge Services?

Pruning, trimming and maintaining hedges is a time-consuming task that requires more skill than many people realise. Simply hacking away at your hedge can lead to uneven and unattractive shapes, as well as harm the plant causing rotting, bare patches and even the death of the hedge.

For a healthy and beautiful hedge, proper maintenance needs to be completed regularly and with consideration for the needs of the plant as well as the appearance of the hedge. By choosing a professional service like O’Brien’s Tree Care you can ensure your hedges get the care they need and continue looking great. Not only can we assist with the proper maintenance of your hedges we can also design and establish new hedging.

Hedge Design & Styles

Whether you want a new hedge to create a new look in your garden or want a more practical privacy or windbreak hedge, proper design and planning will ensure your hedge is exactly what you want. Our friendly team can work with you to help choose the perfect hedge and style to match your garden, budget and level of ongoing maintenance.

Make a statement with clean geometric shapes or loose flowering hedging to match vibrant garden beds. From the coast to the mountains our local team can also design and establish effective windbreak hedging for the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane regions.

Windbreak Hedging

When it comes to creating your own personal oasis a windbreak is a must-have element for many properties across the Sunshine Coast. Whether you want protection from harsh coastal winds or just want to create some shelter for a more comfortable garden, windbreak hedges are a beautiful and natural option. Our team can help you map out the best placement and choice of plants for an effective windbreak hedge that also looks great. From small garden windbreaks to large commercial shelterbelts, our team can design, plan, establish and continue to maintain your tall hedging.

Hedge Maintenance

If you’re existing hedge is in need of some extra care and attention or you just don’t have the time or tools to try and keep up with proper maintenance of large or long hedges the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care is here to help. As local arborists and garden experts, we ensure your hedges not only look great but that they’re happy and healthy too. Whether you’re concerned about the health of your hedges or need help maintaining those crisp lines or complex shapes, we offer complete hedge maintenance services to homeowners and businesses across the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay region.

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    Boundary Hedges & Maintenance

    Keeping long and tall hedges properly maintained can be a big task, even more so when it’s a boundary hedge. Help keep the peace between you and your neighbours by keeping your boundary hedge neat and tidy.

    Proper maintenance and regular pruning can not only keep your hedge looking great but healthy too. Regular maintenance helps to promote healthy growth while controlling any potential pests or diseases that could harm your hedge.

    Hedge Maintenance
    Hedge Maintenance

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    We are here to make maintaining those tall and unruly hedges easy. With our comprehensive maintenance services as well as hedge design and complete landscaping design solutions we are here to help you every step of the way.

    So whether you are planning a new hedge or your existing hedges need some attention, talk to our friendly team at O’Brien’s Tree Care today.