Recycled Timber Supply

Recycled timber has been at the core of our owner, Nick’s, side projects for some time now. As a passionate woodworker, Nick has taken the timber from hazardous and poorly planted trees we’ve removed and turned it into beautiful and unique pieces of art and furniture. This is why O’Brien’s Tree Care recycles the timber from trees we’ve removed to supply builders, tradies, craftspeople, artists and DIY enthusiasts alike with quality recycled timber.

Why Choose Recycled Timber?

Timber is a unique material beloved for its strength and character, making it the perfect choice for construction and art alike. Recycled timber offers a more sustainable source of timber for projects large and small.

Timber From O’Brien’s Tree Care

Our recycled timber all comes from trees that needed to be cut down anyway. While some trees are removed because of pests or other damage many trees need to be removed for other reasons. Healthy trees may need to be removed because they’re a hazard due to poor placement or choice of tree for the area. When this happens we are dedicated to recycling what we can and ensuring the timber doesn’t go to waste.

Unlike other recycled or reclaimed timber that is salvaged from old buildings, crates and pallets, and more, our recycled timber comes directly from trees we’ve removed from properties around the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane region. That means you don’t need to worry about metal fastenings like nails and bolts or any other nasty surprises.

timber recycling

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Whether you’re making furniture, art or planning some DIY, if you’re looking for local recycled timber on the Sunshine Coast, O’Brien’s Tree Care can help. With a wide variety of timber and expert advice, talk to the team today to find the perfect timber for your project.