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Mulching is time-consuming and hard work, especially if you’re on a large acreage property in the Sunshine Coast. Let us make this job quick and easy. Our high-end materials can improve local gardens with ease.

At O’Brien’s Tree Care, we offer mulching services for residential and commercial properties across the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay region, Caboolture and North Brisbane.

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Why is Mulching Important?

New garden owners will often be told that they would benefit from adding mulch to the ground. But, some don’t fully understand what this means or how to do so.

Mulch is a mixture of organic matter that is spread over the ground to help plants thrive.

It can contain anything from kitchen and garden waste to wood chippings, shredded bark, wool and grass clippings. O’Brien’s Tree Care offer mulching services Sunshine Coast residents can rely on.

Why do you need mulch for your garden?

Mulch is an important material for the garden because it helps to promote the health of the soil and the plants within. A good quality mulch mixture can help to keep moisture in the soil.

This is vital in the Sunshine Coast region because of the high temperatures and drier climate. Some plants need all the help they can get. A good layer of mulch can also help to prevent the growth of weeds in your prized flowerbeds.

For these reasons, we urge gardeners and landscapers to turn to a reliable source when it comes to their mulching needs. It can be more costly in the long run to buy a low-grade mulch that doesn’t work properly than to buy a high-quality product.

The right mix could help to transform the health of your garden.

Can’t I just make my own mulch?

It is possible to make mulch yourself at home and to save some money. However, there are a few downsides to this approach. Home-made mulch means that you need:

  1. enough space to create it
  2. enough time to make it, and
  3. the right materials for the job.

Mulch making is a labour intensive process. It is a lot like composting in that you need to give the materials time to break down to form that ideal mixture for the soil. Therefore, you also need a designated area where you can store all the right materials.

This isn’t practical in many small gardens. There is also no time to start mulching when you have a big landscaping project ahead and there is no guarantee that you will have the best materials at hand. Kitchen waste and old newspapers can only go so far.

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    Why turn to O’Brien’s Tree Care for your mulch supplies & mulching services?

    It really is best to turn to a professional like the team at O’Brien’s in order to get the best possible mulch for your needs. We can provide a high quantity of mulch to help you with larger landscaping projects.

    We also promise that our mulch has the best ingredients available to provide the right moisture and climate control for the area you’re in. In addition to this, we can deliver straight to your door, so there is no worry about transporting sacks of mulch in your car.

    Basically, we take all the hassle and mess out the process. All you have to do is open the bag, spread the mulch on your garden and enjoy the results.

    In addition to this, we can also help with larger properties and commercial needs. Commercial buildings with minimal groundskeeping provisions may struggle to provide the right conditions for their communal planting. We can provide large quantities of our high-end stock to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

    Short on time? Use our mulching services for a full range service

    Our mulching services are part of our wider tree services in the area. We go one step further than just supplying the mulch and can take care of mulching plants and trees across your property.

    We want to make sure that your garden is healthy and productive from the root right to the top of the tallest trees. We can also provide tree pruning, land clearing, storm damage services and other care needs.

    We like to create a relationship with our clients and hope that you can call on us whatever your needs. Therefore, if you run out of mulch, have a tree with a broken branch, need some landscaping advice or have some palms to clean, you can rely on us each time.

    Contact us today to learn more about our Sunshine Coast mulch services

    There is no need to make mulch complicated by buying cheap materials or trying to make your own. Take some measurements of your garden, calculate your needs and let us know how we can help with our best mulching services across Sunshine Coast, Caboolture and North Brisbane.