Retaining Walls

Make the most of your entire garden with simple and effective Sunshine Coast retaining walls from O’Brien’s Tree Care.

Retaining walls have long been a staple of landscape design, helping to create functional and beautiful spaces on any terrain. Make the most of your entire garden and reclaim uneven and steep ground with simple and effective retaining walls.

As landscaping professionals, the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care have years of experience designing and building retaining walls across the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture and North Brisbane region. Whether you’re starting from scratch on a new garden, redesigning your backyard or just need to replace an existing retaining wall we are here to help.

Why Choose a Professional?

Retaining walls are heavy-duty structural walls that are not easily done by the average DIY homeowner. Retaining walls need to be strong to ensure they can hold back the soil, in some cases these walls can be supporting literal tons of earth. Failure of a retaining wall can be incredibly dangerous for your family and property, so it’s important to make sure your retaining wall is done right the first time.

By choosing a professional landscaping service, like O’Brien’s Tree Care, you can ensure your retaining walls are designed and built properly. Our team are local experts who have in-depth knowledge of the soil conditions, drainage requirements, weather considerations and more for strong and long-lasting retaining walls across the Sunshine Coast.

Retaining Wall Design

When it comes to designing your retaining wall it’s important to balance form and function so that it is sturdy and looks great in your garden. Retaining walls help you reclaim that space and give your garden a neat and tidy appearance with flat and easy to manage terraces. Retaining walls can also be positioned and designed to act as flood control and to direct drainage to help keep water away from your property during floods and heavy storms. Your retaining wall can also be designed to help easily control soil conditions and prevent erosion.

Whatever you need from your retaining walls, our professional team can work with you to design and build a functional and elegant retaining wall. With a wide range of design options, materials and styles we can customise the perfect retaining wall for your property.

Signs Your Retaining Wall Needs Replacing

Sudden failure of your retaining wall can be extremely dangerous but thankfully there are warning signs. If you notice any of these problems with your retaining wall it’s time to talk to an expert and potentially replace part or all of your wall.

Any kind of bowing or bulging in your retaining wall is a bad sign and means the wall is struggling to support the weight of the earth it’s holding back. Similarly, if the top edge of the retaining wall is leaning out the force of the higher level is slowly but surely pushing the wall over. This could simply be because the wall is ageing or new structures have since been built on the upper level.

However, in newer walls, it could mean the incorrect materials or designs were used in the first place. While storms and heavy rainfall can make this kind of problem worse, this failure is ultimately caused by gravity, so even mild weather and natural changes in soil conditions can cause your retaining wall to suddenly give way. If you notice this it’s time to get some professional advice before disaster strikes.

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    Retaining Wall

    Water pooling and softer ground near the edge of the retaining wall, particularly on the upper-tier could warn of problems with drainage. Water weight and drainage issues are one of the most common reasons for retaining walls to fail. Proper drainage can be built in as part of the retaining wall with gravel back-fill or having drainage pipes built into the structure itself. Drainage channels can also be included in the garden or landscaping around the retaining wall to help prevent water from building up and putting excess weight and pressure on your retaining wall.

    Finally, for wooden retaining walls, keep an eye out for signs of rot and pest damage. These can weaken sections of the wall making it more prone to breaking. If you’re ever concerned about your retaining walls it’s always best to consult an expert.

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    Whether you’re after a new retaining wall or a complete landscaping design solution, the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care have got you covered. Our expert team can design and build beautiful and sturdy retaining walls across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane regions.

    With local knowledge, expert advice and a range of timber options we can create strong and long-lasting retaining walls that will look great for years to come. Get started today and talk to the friendly team at O’Brien’s Tree Care about your retaining wall project.