Pine Rivers Tree Services By Expert Arborists

O’Brien’s Tree Care provides a complete range of Pine Rivers tree services to residents and businesses across the region. Our qualified and experienced arborists approach all work with a safety first ethos, taking care to go through each part of the process with you and establishing a time that suits you to carry out any tree services.

We provide obligation free quotes for all work carried out so you can have complete peace of mind before going ahead. We offer on-site inspections of the trees throughout your yard so you can gain valuable insights into their health and get ahead of any would be issues down the road. This is crucial in areas like Pine Rivers due to the violent storm season we experience every year.

We Provide The Following Pine Rivers Tree Services:

Pine Rivers Tree Removal

Our tree removal service is carried out by experienced, professional arborists with years of experience. Our understanding of local flora and seasonal conditions combined with our extensive knowledge in regards to tree pests and diseases means we can evaluate the threat a tree poses and provide the best assessment possible. Should a tree need to come down we will carry out the process safely so that no harm comes to yourself or your property.

Pine Rivers tree removal
Pine Rivers tree pruning

Pine Rivers Tree Lopping / Pruning

The threat of falling limbs can pose a serious danger and this is especially true during the Summer storm season. Given that insurance claims can depend on whether the tree that dropped a limb was property maintained it makes sense to be proactive and protect yourself before something goes awry. We can inspect the trees on your property and let you know which species are known to drop limbs and which trees are in need of a proper pruning.

Pine Rivers Landscaping

Our landscaping service is designed to give you the backyard you have always dreamed about. We are locals and decades of experience has taught us what works and what doesn’t when it comes to picking the right trees and greenery. Want a backyard that requires little maintenance? Looking for something different to set yourself apart? No matter what your landscaping needs, we can consult with you to get the best results possible.

Pine Rivers landscaping
Pine Rivers stump removal

Pine Rivers Stump Grinding

It is not uncommon for a stump to be left after a tree is felled, usually due to budget restrictions. While this is understandable the reality is a stump serves little other purpose than to be a safety hazard for those around it. It is also a nice home for termites which is another great reason to have it removed. Once we have safely removed the stump in question we can backfill the hole to prevent any further risk to your safety and remove any liability you might be subject to.

While these are some of the more popular Pine Rivers tree services we offer there are much more. Our complete range of arboreal services in Pine Rivers include: root management, palm tree removal, mulching, retaining walls, land clearing and turf laying. We also operate an emergency tree removal service should a tree fall on your property during a storm.

Need A Qualified Arborist In Pine Rivers?

If you are looking for a qualified, professional arborist with decades of experience give O’Brien’s Tree Care a call on 0431 740 088 to arrange a time for us to come out for a quote. After we assess the situation and discuss what options are available to you we can then provide an obligation free quote. Our full range of Pine Rivers tree services combined with our approach to customer service means you can rest assured we are the best choice for your arboreal needs.

If you would like to contact us online to discuss our arborist services you can do so by heading on over to our contact page and filling in our online form. We will get back to you via email with any information you need.