Moreton Bay Tree Removal & Arborist Services

O’Brien’s Tree Care are qualified, experienced arborists providing a full range of tree services to Moreton Bay residents and businesses. We operate with a safety first approach which is essential due to the dangerous nature of tree lopping and other arboreal services and always recommend contacting a professional before carrying out work of this nature yourself. As well as our trusted Moreton Bay tree lopping service we also offer the following tree services:

  • Tree Removal
  • Palm Cleaning
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • Commercial Tree Services
  • Tree Pruning
  • Landscaping
  • Arborist Services
  • Emergency Storm Clean Up
  • Tree Services
  • Land Clearing
  • Mulching Services

Why Should You Choose O’Brien’s Tree Care For Your Moreton Bay Arborist Services?

Our decades of experience as arborists means we have a deep understanding of local tree species and have developed tried and true procedures to carry out all work as safely as possible. The removal of trees and large limbs requires proper forethought and this only comes with time. When removing large limbs we are careful, not only to remove it in the correct manner but also in our planning in order to lower the limbs safely and dispose of them thoughtfully.

We have professional equipment such as cherry pickers which means we are able to handle the removal of trees and tree limbs no matter the complexity. Before carrying out the work we will discuss our plan of action so you have peace of mind that your safety and that of your property are in the best hands possible. All of the work we carry out comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee and we stand behind our customer service.

We offer obligation free quotes on all work carried out and can arrange a time to visit your property in order to inspect any trees you are concerned about, providing invaluable insights into what course of action would yield the best results. We are fully insured and regularly carry out work for local government, civil structures such as schools and strata managed properties. We also offer routine tree maintenance which is perfect for large grounds.

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    Our Moreton Bay Arborist Services Include

    tree pruning moreton bay

    Moreton Bay Tree Pruning Service

    Pruning your trees not only makes the surrounding area safer but also promotes healthy growth which benefits the tree in the long run. It is most often a proactive service that is best carried out before storm season when high winds are commonplace. A qualified, experienced professional understands how best to remove a tree’s limbs so that it does not harm the rest of the tree and we can evaluate any limbs you are suspicious of to recommend the best course of action.

    stump grinding moreton bay

    Moreton Bay Stump Grinding Service

    Aside from tree lopping and limb removal we also provide stump grinding across Moreton Bay. A leftover stump presents a tripping hazard and therefore is a liability. They can also harbour termites which present a serious threat to your home. Our stump grinders will make short work of your stump and you can choose what to do with the leftover chips with options to use them to backfill the hole or spread them across your garden.

    palm tree removal moreton bay

    Moreton Bay Palm Tree Removal

    Palm trees are an easy way to bring a tropical feel to your property but they can also be a pain to maintain. The lack of limbs makes them very difficult to climb and the fronds can easily cause cuts and abrasions if not handled correctly. We offer palm tree removal as well as palm tree maintenance which includes removing any fallen fronds. Removing excess fronds and dead matter from your palm trees not only makes them healthier but it looks great too.

    landscaping moreton bay

    Moreton Bay Landscaping Service

    Our understanding and experience with all flora local to Moreton Bay makes us a great choice for landscaping as well. We can make recommendations on what plants to use or what tree species would make a great replacement for one being removed. It’s worth noting that some well loved trees are actually invasive species so taking the time to pick the correct species not only yields the best results for your garden but also the local environment.

    fallen tree moreton bay

    Moreton Bay Emergency Tree Work

    Summer in South-East Queensland means storm season and with this comes the threat of falling trees or branches. We offer a rapid response emergency tree service that you can call on day or night should a tree fall onto your home, office or vehicle. We will arrive as soon as possible and work out the best plan of action to safely remove the fallen tree and any further risks present on site. We recommend having an on site assessment of your trees before storm season hits.

    quote moreton bay arborist

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    If you would like an obligation free quote for any of our tree services or want to arrange a time for us to visit your property to carry out an assessment, give us a call on 0431 740 088 to talk with a qualified arborist. If you would like to contact us online please fill in the form on this page or head on over to our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible with any relevant information you might be after.

    Our arborist services are available across the entire Moreton Bay region including Redcliffe, Pine Rivers and Caboolture.