Turf Laying & Preparation

Turf laying and preparation Caboolture and Sunshine Coast by the professionals at O’Brien’s Tree Care.

A luscious green lawn makes a statement in any garden and instantly makes any space feel more natural and inviting. At O’Brien’s Tree Care we have years of experience working with a huge range of turfs. We offer professional turf laying services including designing, shaping and lawn preparation across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane regions.

Our expert team can help you choose the right turf for your budget, soil conditions, and even the overall landscape design. Whether you’ve just built a new house or you’re renovating your yard let us make the turf laying process quick and easy.

Why Choose Professional Turf Laying?

Laying and establishing new turf is a more complex task than many homeowners realise. The preparation stages are vital to ensuring your new lawn will stay green and healthy. Choosing a professional turf laying service not only saves you the hard work they also have the experience and knowledge to make sure the job gets done right the first time.

The team at O’Brien’s Tree Care offer complete landscaping solutions including turf laying and preparation. With our years of experience, our friendly team will work with you to ensure your new lawn is perfect.

Lawn Design

Your lawn is more than a space-filler between your home and outdoor features, it is as much a part of your landscaping design as everything else. With a little bit of thought and planning your lawn can be an integral part that helps to enhance your outdoor space.

Beyond creating a beautiful lawn, design and planning can help keep your grass healthy and make maintenance easier. Everything from the soil type and incline of the ground to sunlight and drainage should be considered to help address and avoid potential issues before you start laying the turf. The team at O’Brien’s Tree Care is here to make this stage easy whether you’re just freshening up your yard or completely redesigning it.

Lawn Preparation For Turf Laying

It may be one of the more time-consuming and labour intensive jobs for the DIY gardener, but our team makes lawn preparation fast and easy. To give your new turf the best opportunity to establish itself properly your yard will need extensive preparation.

Before we get to laying your new turf our preparation services include removing existing grass and weeds and levelling and preparing the soil. With expert knowledge on the needs of a variety of turfs, our team can ensure everything is prepared to give your new lawn the best conditions.

Types of Grasses For Your Lawn

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to selecting the type of grass for your lawn the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care is here to help. Our team can work with you to help find the perfect species of grass to suit your property.

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    turf laying using TifTuf Bermuda

    TifTuf Bermuda

    TifTuf Bermuda as the name suggests was developed to be a tough and hardy grass that could handle extreme droughts. With a fine leaf, dense growth and full and vibrant colour all year round, TifTuf Bermuda offers a premium lawn using a fraction of the water. Quick to establish, this grass can take root in less than a week and this fast growth means it can handle high levels of foot traffic and can self-repair damage.

    turf laying Sir Walter Buffalo

    Sir Walter Buffalo

    Sir Walter Buffalo is an Australian grass that was designed to handle the harsh and unpredictable Australian climate. It’s a lush variety known for high drought and heat resistance as well as shade and frost resistance for a green and full appearance all year round. With a broad, soft leaf and a high tolerance for wear, Sir Walter Buffalo is a favourite for busy backyards. It features weed resistant properties and can repair itself quickly helping prevent bare patches.

    turf laying Sir Grange Zoysia

    Sir Grange Zoysia

    Sir Grange Zoysia was originally developed for golf courses, but its versatility and low maintenance requirements quickly made it a popular choice for home lawns and commercial applications alike. With a stunning green colour and fine leaf blades, Sir Grange Zoysia is a hardy and premium quality grass. While it can handle full sun it also has a high shade tolerance making it a great choice for yards of all types. Loved for its low maintenance features, Sir Grange Zoysia needs half as much mowing as other turf varieties. It requires little to no fertilising and can handle high foot traffic and daily wear.

    turf laying Nullarbor Couch

    Nullarbor Couch

    Nullarbor Couch is loved across Australia as a high-performance and hard-wearing grass. Soft to walk on and featuring fine leaf blades and a lush dark green colour Nullarbor Couch offers a premium look and feel for your lawn. Suited to the harsh Australian climate it thrives in full sun and has high drought tolerance. This grass is hardwearing and can handle heavy foot traffic year-round and can recover from damage and other stresses quickly.

    Turf Laying & Shaping

    While laying out the turf may be one of the easier parts of establishing your new lawn it takes care and experience to ensure the turf establishes well and looks neat and tidy. Every garden is different, the same is true of your lawn and this is where shaping comes in. Turf rolls and slabs are cut with straight edges and sharp corners which aren’t always going to fit into your space.

    Whether your lawn needs to be cut around trees and garden beds or you’re creating a visually interesting space your turf pieces will need to be cut to fit perfectly. As part of our service, we also include top dressing to ensure your new lawn will be level, fresh and green ready for you to enjoy in no time.

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    We are here to make establishing your new lawn easy. Together we can design and deliver beautiful turf that will look great all year. Talk to our friendly team at O’Brien’s Tree Care and start planning a greener lawn today.