Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do you have questions about our tree care, removal, and landscaping services? Find out more with our frequently asked questions.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services, as well as answers to help you determine how best to go about other tree related issues.

What is the cost to remove a tree?

In Queensland, Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast, tree removal services can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,000, or higher.

In some cases, it can be lower than the stated minimum. The price hinges on a variety of factors such as the tree’s diameter, the height of the tree, its accessibility, whether you want additional tree removal services afterward e.g. stump grinding services, etc.

For these reasons it is difficult to provide an accurate figure without first conducting an assessment of the tree and its surrounding. To obtain an accurate price on how much to remove a tree, please schedule a consultation with one of our expert arborists. All our quotes are 100% free!

What is the cost to remove a palm tree?

Palm trees are subject to the same criteria stated above that is used to determine the cost of felling trees. With palm trees however, there are two main cost factors. These are the height and the breadth of the tree.

Young palm trees, short in stature, with smaller trunks will cost less than older palm trees with thicker trunks and an expansive canopy. Since most palm trees are easily accessible, the location does not play a major factor for most people. However, palm trees situated in difficult to access will increase the cost. This is especially true if the trees are near or touch power lines.

The national palm tree removal cost in 2019 is $871. Schedule a consultation to get an accurate cost for palm tree removal on the Sunshine Coast.

Does home insurance cover a tree falling on a house in a storm?

Yes and no. Most home insurance policies contain the risk, peril and hazard clause. This means the insurance provider can compensate you for damages caused by falling trees to your home if the direct causes are listed in their policy e.g. wind, floods, earthquake and the like. However, most policies will not cover damages caused by trees that fall in floods, earthquakes, strong winds onto homes if the root cause of the trees falling is determined to be due to negligence by the homeowners, or lack of proper maintenance. For more information consult your insurance provider or PDS document.

Council approval: is it required to remove a tree?

It depends on the area. Different areas are governed by different rules and regulations. According to the Sunshine Coast Council an Brisbane City Council, trees are part of protected vegetation in the region and as such it is an offence to cut down any tree without the council’s approval. You will need a permit to proceed For more information on how to get a permit contact your local council’s development services. The same applies to Morton Bay. If you want to remove a street tree that poses a safety hazard e.g. is close to power lines, contact the Moreton Bay Regional Council to get an approval permit.

What can I do if my neighbour is disputing responsibility of tree maintenance?

For Queensland residents, you can refer to the Neighbourhood Disputes Act of 2011 which provides answers to issues such as tree ownership and responsibilities, as well as actions you can legally take if the neighbour’s negligence is affecting your property e.g. leaves littering your yard. For more information reference the Queensland Government website.

Who pays for fallen tree damage?

It depends. It can either be your insurance provider, a responsible third party such as a neighbour, or you.

If a tree falls due to natural phenomena e.g. a storm, strong winds, earthquake and you have home insurance, the insurance provider can cater for the damage ONLY IF they determine there was no tree maintenance negligence. If negligence is proven, then you as the owner will have to foot the costs.

If a third party was directly involved or their actions played a major role in the trees falling and damaging property, then you can hold them accountable for any related losses.

Why Choose Us?

Looking for a professional company that provides quality tree removal and landscaping services in Queensland? Look no further than O’Brien’s Tree Care. We a team of expert arborists with an excellent record of 10+ years serving Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay and other Queensland residents.

Whether you’re a residential property owner with a few trees, or you own a huge tract of land or several commercial blocks with numerous trees that you need removed or maintained, we can serve you.

We also provide other tree services such as:

  • Pruning of weak or broken branches.
  • Lopping overhanging branches from neighbours’ trees.
  • Removal of dead or damaged trees.

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