Palm Tree Removals & Palm Tree Cleaning

Hassle free palm tree removal and palm tree maintenance service by qualified arborists.

A Complete Range of Palm Tree Services

Palm trees are a sight to behold. While palm trees complement both residential and commercial properties and enhance their overall beauty, they require frequent maintenance to keep them looking sharp and healthy. Our palm tree removal and maintenance services are a safe and reliable way to keep your palm trees under control.

At O’Brien’s Tree Care we provide palm tree maintenance services to residents as well as commercial establishments which includes businesses, hotels, resorts, and other corporate bodies.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm tree maintenance can take many forms. Sometimes maintenance can involve picking up and mulching palm fronds, on a regular basis. These fronds have very poor compostability so decompose very slowly and can be a problem if left lying around.

Depending on the number of trees on your property this can be a very time-consuming exercise.

In other instances maintenance involves climbing up the steep trunks and removing the heavy seed pods and decaying palms from the trees, as well as thinning the palm crown. This can be a very dangerous endeavor for untrained individuals.

Palm Tree Removal

Do you have too many palm trees on your property that are obscuring the view? Or maybe you need more space for expansion and need some of the trees removed.

Maybe the palm trees in question are interfering with other trees, structures and buildings on your property, or even pole electrical wires.

Whatever the reason is that you need a palm tree removal service, we can help.

Palm tree removal requires highly technical and specialised skills to ensure the job is done professionally with no damage to your property. We have the expertise and experience required to do this successfully.

Palm Tree Stump Grinding

We provide palm tree stump removal services where palm trees were previously cut down or if they have fallen after a storm. Our arborists use state of the art equipment to ensure the process is completed effectively and in a short time.

Rest assured, there is no intensive digging or use of dangerous chemicals. All our stump grinding techniques are eco-friendly. The procedures used also ensure the tree will never grow again in the future. This applies to any palm tree species you may have on your land or property.

Emergency Palm Tree Services

At O’Brien’s Tree Care we are on call to cater to any palm tree emergencies around Caboolture, Moreton Shire, Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

If you need help with palm trees that have fallen on or onto your property due to a storm, or maybe palm trees that are encroaching on your property due to high winds and therefore pose a safety hazard, we can help.

Get in touch and our Sunshine Coast palm tree removal experts will arrive on your site ASAP to fix the problem.

Contact O’Brien’s Tree Care for a quote on our professional tree removal service.

We provide palm tree removal and maintenance services to residents & businesses in Moreton Bay, North Brisbane & The Sunshine Coast. Have a palm tree that needs some expert attention? Contact O’Brien’s Tree Care for a quote.

tree removal
tree removal

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palm tree removal

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