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Tree lopping is one of those jobs that many property owners assume that they can handle themselves. However, it takes a lot more skill and knowledge to pick the right branches and actually help the tree.

That is why you should turn to professional arborists for the best tree lopping North Brisbane homeowners can find. At O’Brien’s Tree Care, our tree loppers are ready and waiting to provide just that.

What to expect when you turn to us for expert tree lopping services

Tree lopping is still a common phrase in arborist care. It often refers to tree surgery measures where arborists literally lop off a branch. Some criticise this method because many do so in a harsh manner that isn’t good for the tree. Our team use more careful, considerate approaches in tree pruning for a better effect.

Here at O’Brien’s Tree Care, we understand that every appointment is different. We treat each tree as an individual and listen to our customer’s needs. That is why we have split our North Brisbane tree pruning services into a series of more specific solutions. They include the following:

  • Pruning for a tidier look.
  • Canopy lift and thin outs
  • Weight reductions
  • Power line & cable clearance pruning
  • Reducing chances of fallen trees in storm events

You can turn to our tree pruning team for a simple touch up if your trees are getting a little messy. We can work to create a tidy look that gives your yard more visual appeal.

We can also thin out the canopy and remove problem branches. This will bring in more light and improve the health of the tree. In case of a storm, we offer response and preventative services as well.

Emergency Storm Response in North Brisbane

After a storm, we are able to assist with emergency tree removal and lopping, day or night. However, prevention is better than the cure. Pruning to prevent storm damage, along with weight reductions, could limit this risk.

You also don’t want to risk a heavy branch knocking out an important service cable if a storm does hit. That is why we also offer service wire clearance.

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    Why O’Brien’s Tree Care is the best choice for residential & commercial properties North Brisbane

    When you turn to our business looking for help with tree care, you can ensure you’ll receive a professional service. We have been in operation since 2010 and have plenty of experience and training in all kinds of arborist services.

    This professionalism means you can be sure of a great result with an efficient service. In addition to that, we promise to work to the highest safety standards to protect your family and property.

    North Brisbane residents love working with our professional team because we deliver the right service for your needs to a high level of customer satisfaction.

    We also aim to work with you on a solution that meets your budget by offering competitive pricing.

    Discover our full range of services available to North Brisbane properties

    Tree lopping and tree pruning really are just the start when it comes to the tree care solutions on offer. We also do a lot of heavy-duty work in removals, smaller-scale jobs that can help maintain a garden and also some landscaping.

    Our service list includes the following:

    • tree removal
    • palm tree cleaning & removal
    • removal of decayed trees
    • land clearing
    • 24-hour storm clean up
    • hedging
    • stump grinding
    • landscapingand much more.

    Why take the time to hire a professional North Brisbane tree lopping service?

    First of all, whichever service you need for your trees, it is vital you turn to a professional. This is difficult, dangerous work that requires training and experience. The best tree lopping services also require the knowledge of which branches to cut, as well as the ability to diagnose other problems.

    A skilled arborist can transform a dangerous or unhealthy tree into one that is beautiful, healthy and productive. In doing so, this can then transform the look and the value of the property.

    Call O’Brien’s Tree Care for more information on our services. It really is essential to turn to a professional when it comes to tree removals and tree lopping in North Brisbane.

    Our specialist team are ready to take on any task you throw at them. We can tidy up a prized specimen, protect your garden from storm damage and strengthen weakening trees. Our effective approach means a safe, cost-effective way to secure your property and breath new life into your trees.

    Contact us to learn more about the options available or to book an appointment.