Expert Maroochydore Tree Services

O’Brien’s Tree Care provides a wide range of Maroochydore tree services including tree removal, stump grinding and landscaping. Our attention to detail and decades of experience means we understand the unique flora throughout the Sunshine Coast suburb and what arboreal techniques will yield the best results.

Our tree services are available to both residents and businesses across Maroochydore and we also offer a rapid response emergency tree removal service during storm season. We provide obligation free quotes for all of our services so you can get the full picture before going ahead with anything.

Some Of Our Maroochydore Tree Services Include:

Tree Removal Maroochydore

It comes as no surprise that the most common tree service we are tasked with carrying out in Maroochydore is tree removal. While the shade a tree provides can be a nice respite from the hot summers we enjoy on the Sunshine Coast, sometimes a tree begins to present a danger to the property and the people around it.

Our team of experienced arborists are able to carry out any tree removal safely and efficiently. We have the tools and equipment to bring a tree down without any risk of damage and our wood chipper turns that unwanted tree into useful garden mulch. If you are concerned about a tree on your property it is always the best call to play it safe and have a qualified arborist come take a look.

Maroochydore tree services removal
palm tree removal Maroochydore

Palm Tree Removal Maroochydore

Palm trees present a unique challenge when it comes to maintenance and removal. They require more maintenance than a typical tree in order to keep them looking tidy but the rewards are certainly worth it. Due to them being able to proliferate quickly it can quickly get out of hand if left unchecked.

Because of the lack of branches on a palm tree, getting up there to carry out maintenance can be extremely dangerous. It is worth noting that the closest Kieth Richards has come to death was climbing up a palm tree. It is for this reason we always recommend hiring a professional that has the know how and equipment to carry out any maintenance safely.

Maroochydore Stump Grinding

If you have been left with a stump after removing a tree then it is strongly recommended you have it removed as soon as possible. Stumps present a number of dangers to you and your home including housing termites, providing a breeding ground for fungi and becoming a potential tripping hazard.

Removing a stump requires specialist equipment and techniques that should only ever be carried out by an experienced professional. O’Brien’s Tree Care will remove your stump safely and can fill in the hole left by its removal to prevent any further risk of injury. If you are in need of stump grinding don’t take the risk and contact O’Brien’s Tree Care to have it removed.

Maroochydore tree services stump grinding

Maroochydore Landscaping Service

We have provided landscaping for many of the astonishing gardens throughout Maroochydore. Our team can help design the garden of your dreams, working with you to plan the perfect layout that works now and into the future. We understand what plants work the best for certain goals and our insight will be invaluable in getting the most out of your space.

Every project has a different budget and our knowledge of local flora means we can not only suggest what plants to use but how to house them and where in the yard will give them the sunlight they need. We can also carry out maintenance on your garden, removing dead branches and trimming out of control shrubbery.

Need A Qualified Arborist For Maroochydore Tree Services?

If you are in need of a qualified arborist in Maroochydore to carry out any of the tree services above we encourage you to give us a call on 0431 740 088 or contact us online. We offer a full range of arborist services not discussed here including land clearing, mulching, root management and skid steer hire.

With a focus on safety and quality service we are confident you will be thrilled with the results that O’Brien’s Tree Care can provide.