Garden & Landscape Design

Transform your outdoor spaces with complete landscaping and landscape design services from O’Brien’s Tree Care.

We offer more than just tree care and arborist services, our expert team are ready to help you with your next landscaping project from start to finish. We can design and establish beautiful landscaping that you can enjoy for many years to come.

From creating a brand new garden to redesigning your current outdoor area we can help you create the perfect garden for your home. Our team can work with you on landscaping projects of all sizes to ensure that your new garden will complement your home and lifestyle. Whether you have just built a new house and need new gardens established or you would like to clean up existing landscaping, we can tackle all projects.

Landscaping Design

O’Brien’s Tree Care is with you every step of the way. The designing and planning stage for a new landscaping project is key to ensuring you’ll love the final product. Our experts will work with you and discuss your needs and ideas to help make your dream garden become a reality. We can help you understand the right plants, designs and products to match your lifestyle, property, local climate and more.

One of the fundamentals of planting design is understanding the needs of a plant. It isn’t enough to choose one by its colour or scent. You need to have the right soil, adequate light and enough drainage. Our team can point you in the right direction. If you have specific plants in mind we can make sure they go in the best spot or provide alternatives if they aren’t suitable. We can pick varieties that are ideal in this area and place them where they won’t pose a risk as they grow.

We really enjoy these projects and pay particular attention to developing designs that are sustainable, making use of native and other plants that thrive in Queensland’s unpredictable weather.

Why Choose O’Brien’s Tree Care?

There will be many homeowners that will love the chance to get their hands dirty and enjoy a new gardening project. But even experienced gardeners can benefit from the expertise of a professional team. Here at O’Brien’s Tree Care, we can take the stress and hard work out of creating the perfect garden.

Starting with a detailed landscaping design is the first step to ensuring the whole project runs smoothly. Our team has years of experience designing and working in gardens across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane regions. Our team of local experts and qualified arborists can make planning your next landscaping project a breeze. Whether you already have a vision for the perfect garden or don’t know where to begin we are here to help.

Getting Started

Whether you’re starting with the bare ground around your newly constructed home or a previous garden that has become overgrown and unruly we can create your brand new garden anywhere. After the planning is done but before the new work can begin there is one vital step that needs to be completed. Land clearing and preparation creates a strong foundation for your new garden. Land clearing can take a lot of hard labour and time without the right skills and tools, and obstacles like tree stumps can cause big problems for the average DIY homeowner.

Here at O’Brien’s Tree Care, we make the process simple, our team has the knowledge and expert equipment to make land clearing and preparation simple. Tree removal, stump grinding, removal of grass, weeds, and other unwanted plants, ground levelling, and more are all just part of our comprehensive services.

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    Structural Elements

    There is more to a complete landscape design than the garden itself, structural elements like fencing, patios, decking and borders are key to bringing the space together. O’Brien’s Tree Care is here to recommend premium quality materials to suit your budget and overall design.

    Our team has the skills, knowledge and tools to create fencing solutions, decking paving and other important structural details that are made to last and look great while doing it.

    Landscape design with o'brien's
    Landscape design with o'brien's

    Stay on Budget

    We appreciate that the best landscaping projects aren’t always going to be cheap. However, it is easy for DIY homeowners to go over budget when working on their own. Costs can be escalated when we get tempted by new plants or are tricked into an overly expensive option. There is also the cost of fixing any mistakes made along the way.

    From the beginning, we will work with you to create a new garden design that works with your budget. Our years of experience and professional services can help you avoid costly mistakes along the way and keep your landscaping project on time and on budget.

    Ongoing Maintenance

    Once your new garden is complete, you will have a new space for the whole family to enjoy. But it’s important to remember that even a low-maintenance landscape design needs proper care to ensure it continues to thrive for years to come.

    O’Brien’s Tree Care offers a whole range of ongoing arborist and garden services to ensure your trees and garden look great and stay healthy.

    Landscape design with o'brien's

    Custom Mini-Golf Course Design

    Mini-golf is having a resurgence in popularity across Australia and it’s becoming a big part of the family entertainment industry. Fun for all ages and more affordable than many other family activities has seen Queensland parents flocking to mini-golf courses across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane region.

    If you’re looking to add value and a new income stream to your business installing a new mini-golf course is a great option. Construction of a new mini-golf course is no small project but with proper planning and the experts from O’Brien’s Tree Care working with you can make the process easy.

    The planning and mini-golf course design phase is key to ensuring the rest of the project goes smoothly. Part of the planning phase includes considering the weight of the machinery and landscaping elements needed. Because of the way the mini-gold courses are constructed it can be very difficult to make changes or add landscaping elements after the greens have been completed. Moving heavy pavers, trees, or other large landscaping pieces needs to be done before the greens are completed to avoid unnecessary and expensive damage to your brand new course.

    Talk to the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care to discuss your needs and start planning your business’s new mini-golf course.

    Landscape design mini golf

    Contact us today to learn more about our Sunshine Coast landscape design services

    We are here to take the stress out of your new landscaping project. Together we can design and deliver a beautiful new garden you can enjoy for years to come. Talk to our friendly team at O’Brien’s Tree Care and start planning your new garden today.