Bushfire & Storm Season Garden Preparation

Regular maintenance around your garden is important all year round but it becomes crucial around fire and storm season. Summer storms and bushfires are an inevitable part of living on the Sunshine Coast and across North Brisbane. That’s why being prepared for storm season and bushfires are key to protecting your family and your property. Avoid expensive and stressful disasters by preparing for wild Queensland weather.

Why Choose a Professional?

There is more to preparing your garden for storm season than just clearing your gutters and securing outdoor furniture. With wild and unpredictable weather events across Queensland, it’s important to consider everything from floods and cyclones to bushfires when preparing your home. Professional landscapers and arborists have the knowledge and experience to ensure all the elements of your garden are safe and secure. With our team of local experts, we at O’Brien’s Tree Care pride ourselves on offering our customers specialist services and expert advice to their unique property and location.

If you’ve had problems with flooding and drainage on your property in the past, professional landscapers, like the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care can help redesign your garden to help control water flow and drainage in the next storm. Our team makes storm season preparation easy and stress-free knowing the job is being done thoroughly and to the highest standard by our local experts.

storm season preperation

Storm Season Preparedness

There are two main things to consider when preparing your property for storm season, wind and water. No matter where you live in Queensland, tropical storms and their side effects will impact your property. Storm surges and destructive winds can still cause extensive damage far from the actual storm.

Having the health of any large trees on your property checked before storm season is a vitally important step that is often overlooked. Falling trees are dangerous at the best of times but having a tree break apart or completely come down during a storm can be incredibly destructive. Even if nothing is obviously wrong with a tree, our experienced arborists can check on the tree’s health and offer pruning, maintenance or complete tree removal if necessary to help ensure your garden is prepared for storm season.

All the elements of your garden can work together to either help or hinder proper drainage on your property. When heavy rainfall and flooding occurs it’s important to ensure water is draining away from your property quickly and freely. Not only will this help prevent water from flooding into your home it can also prevent subsidences and washout. Not only can our team ensure your drainage paths are clear, but we can also assist with expanding, securing, or entirely redesigning water paths to ensure they can handle the next storm.

bushfire preperation

Bushfire Preparation

Not only does properly preparing for bushfires protect you and your home it also helps protect neighbouring properties. Clearing away dead and dry vegetation is a hugely important part of proper bushfire season preparations, but there are lots of other steps you can take to help protect your family and property. Our expert team can help assess and address potential bushfire hazards, whether your garden just needs a little maintenance or a total redesign we can help make your garden safer.

Maintaining and trimming hedges and small to mid-sized trees to keep them relatively short during bushfire season can help keep potential fires smaller and lower to the ground making them easier to control and put out. Clearing vegetation away from main access paths can also increase safety if you need to evacuate your home but also makes it easier for firefighters to get to and put out fires efficiently. Even little things like ensuring your lawn is mowed regularly can all help reduce the speed and intensity that a fire can move across your property.

Beautiful & Functional Firebreaks

With high bushfire risks across the region, homeowners can often feel like it’s impossible to have a garden that is beautiful and not also a serious fire hazard. Firebreaks don’t need to be stretches of barren land, with proper design and choice of plants, you can have a functional and beautiful firebreak. With extensive knowledge and years of experience, the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care can help design, establish and maintain firebreaks on properties across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane regions.

storm season firebreaks
storm season firebreaks

Prepare Now For Peace-of-Mind

By being prepared now you can avoid the dangers, stresses and expenses of having these preventable issues becoming disasters in the middle of a storm. By working with the professional team at O’Brien’s Tree Care we can help ensure your garden will be safe and secure this bushfire and storm season.

But no matter how prepared you are, the wild Queensland weather can still sometimes surprise you and your neighbours. Violent tropical storms can still washout or damage even the healthiest of trees. That is why O’Brien’s Tree Care offers 24/7 emergency tree services, so no matter what this storm season brings our team is here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our Sunshine Coast storm season preparation services

Whether you just need a little help getting your garden prepared or want to completely redesign your landscape, our team will work with you to ensure your property is as prepared as it can be for bushfires and storms. With local knowledge and expert advice for our customers across the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane regions, our team is here to help get your property storm season ready. Contact the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care today to discuss your options and take some of the stress out of this storm season.