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O’Brien’s Tree Removal has been providing emergency tree services for residents in Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane, Caboolture, and its environs for about a decade.

Emergency Tree Removal After Severe Storms in Sunshine Coast

During heavy storm seasons, trees tend to incur tremendous damage. If you notice any of the trees in your property with numerous broken branches, split trunks or if they suddenly start leaning, it’s time to call our professionals to carry out an inspection.

Trees that curve at an angle can pose serious safety hazards, especially if they’re located next to power lines or near buildings and other structures. If the core becomes too weak the trees might even fall unexpectedly on passersby or even animals resulting in severe wounds or fatalities. For this reason, it is important to contact arborists immediately.

While in some cases the trees can be salvaged with tailor-made solutions, in other cases removal is the only option.

Our tree lopping North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast specialists have the right equipment and the skills to ensure such trees are handled properly without causing the inhabitants and their environment harm.

If you have a storm damaged tree on your property that is a safety risk, contact us and book our emergency tree removal services as soon as you can.

Other Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal Services

Diseased Trees

Do your trees have deep cracks? Are they missing huge chunks of their bark? Are the branches dying and falling off or are there cavities in the trunk?

If so, the tree may be weakened due to disease and therefore have a high likelihood of falling spontaneously. The best course of action is to contact our emergency tree removal specialists.

We will inspect affected trees and advise you accordingly. In the event the trees need to be removed we can also perform this service quickly and efficiently.

Weakened Bases

Do you own a property with lots of trees? Are the roots of your trees exposed? Do they appear to be rotting or to possess peculiar traits that are not consistent with the tree?

If so, it is essential to consider our emergency commercial tree services.

Exposed roots are a huge indicator that something is wrong with the tree’s structure and it may be prone to falling over at any stage. The root system plays a critical role in the stability of a tree. Even when the tree doesn’t appear to be sick, if a significant portion of the roots are exposed the tree’s stability can be compromised making it a safety hazard.

Emergency Tree Lopping

We also offer tree lopping services i.e. cutting off branches from trees that are either diseased or damaged by storms and harsh weather for commercial properties and public areas.

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    Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

    Cutting down trees might look simple but it is a relatively risky endeavor that should only be carried out by professionals. Deciding to do-it-yourself in order to “save money” can ultimately end up costing you much more than you anticipated in terms of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Some of the dangers you risk include:

    Serious accidents tend to occur when handlers of chain saws and other cutting equipment are amateurs. In cases of emergency, trees are likely to be weakened or unstable and it is essential to call on someone with a trained eye to prevent injuries caused by ignorance or lack of experience.

    Leave It to the Pros

    O’Brien’s Tree Care has the manpower, expertise, and experience to help. With us, you don’t have to worry about coordinating multiple tradesmen or incurring high costs overall due to using different companies.

    We are a “one-stop shop” that takes care of everything palm tree related from tree lopping to landscape beautification and more.

    Experienced emergency tree removal specialists have the necessary experience, equipment and skills to remove trees quickly and efficiently without causing physical harm to people or damaging property.

    Why Hire Us?

    O’Brien’s Tree Care has been in business for about a decade and has a proven track record of providing more than satisfactory results with all our customers.

    We handle all things tree and landscaping related, from simple pruning tasks to tree removal.

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