Commercial Tree Services

At O’Brien’s Tree Care, we provide high-quality commercial tree services for establishments in Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane, and Caboolture.

Benefits of regular commercial tree maintenance services

Trees on large properties require regular checkups and maintenance to prevent diseases and to spot the risk of diseases early. Regular tree maintenance can also deter vermin infestations.

This is especially necessary if you’ve built your home amidst the trees or if there is nearby bushland to your commercial property. Upon request, our arborists will carry out inspections and perform routine maintenance tasks such as tree lopping, pruning, and in some cases, tree removal, if needed.

Services we offer to commercial properties

Tree care services for schools

We provide schools in the region with high-quality tree care services that enhance their visual appeal and safety.

Schools are not just learning centers. For many students, it is their home away from home. More often than not, prospective students factor in an institution’s environment to help them determine whether or not to attend a particular school.

Safety is also a big consideration when it comes to routine tree maintenance. Unstable or broken branches, especially after a storm has passed, could endanger anyone around. The risk of large branches falling from tall trees is too big a liability to ignore. Reach out to our team to ensure safety in the school’s yards.

We understand that schools have unique programs and sometimes tree services can only be performed during certain time windows. We’re very flexible and can work during any specified time slots.

Tree care services for golf courses

Our arborists develop customised maintenance programs that will help maintain healthy trees in the golf course to ensure your golf club members enjoy the ultimate club experience. Some of the services we offer include insect and disease inspection, treatment, general tree pruning, tree lopping, storm damage risk audits, and even tree felling if required.

Pruning helps with the shape, structural integrity and overall architecture of the trees. Our professionals not only ensure the trees complement the grass and environmental setting but also strengthen the character of the golf course.

Tree care services for hospitals

We provide comprehensive and cost-effective commercial tree and landscape services for hospitals and other medical establishments.

We appreciate the fact that a vibrant outdoor space plays a role in the healing and recovery of patients. Our arborists have the knowledge and experience to shape different hospital landscapes and trees to make the property look stunning while also ensuring ultimate safety.

Tree care for large acreage properties

We frequently work with investors, developers, and landowners with large acres of property. Such properties often have a large volume of trees which come with a number of tree care needs that we can take care of.

If you need a large volume of trees cleared from the property to help bring your development plans to life, we offer land clearing services like no other.

If you’re planning to sell your property, you’re likely to gain financially from our tree pruning and landscaping services. While it’s a fact that trees increase property value, a beautiful landscape plus well-tended trees set your property apart and attract more potential buyers. This increases your chances of selling your property for a higher premium price.

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    Benefits of Having a Routine Tree Maintenance Service Program

    Trees grown in commercial establishments tend to be in compacted soils due to the heavy foot traffic, vehicle movement and construction projects. Such soil causes stress on trees and restricts their growth. Regular maintenance helps trees flourish.

    In commercial properties, fallen twigs, leaves and bark, together with any biodegradable matter, are promptly swept away to maintain a clean and professional look. This means trees cannot obtain vital nutrients in such settings as they would normally receive in the wild. Regular maintenance, such as mulching, replenishes the soil with microorganisms and nutrients that ensure optimal growth.

    Regular maintenance helps keep pests at bay. It also helps spot diseases early thus allowing for early treatment that can save the tree.

    Regular maintenance ensures easy detection of injuries on trees caused by lawnmowers and other tools or machines that could potentially affect the distribution of water and nutrients to the plant. Similarly, damage caused by natural phenomena such as strong winds and storms can be spotted and treated quickly. This helps to preserve the trees and ensure risks from damaged trees are mitigated.

    commercial tree services

    Benefits of Using Expert Arborists

    Qualified arborists are able to recognise problems that may go unnoticed by those who are untrained. They can easily detect the onset of disease or hidden damage and recommend adequate treatment.

    Arborists can carry out tree maintenance tasks with relative ease and with high efficiency. They also understand the best practices to follow when dealing with trees.

    Why Choose Us?

    O’Brien’s Tree Care and Landscaping is a team of locally trusted, highly reliable and experienced arborists. Our diverse skills allow us to provide commercial tree services for establishments of all sizes as well as public areas.

    Whether its public parks, schools, hospitals, office parks, or even golf courses, we are able to provide prime commercial tree services that are guaranteed to enhance the aesthetics of the property.

    Our rates are also among the friendliest in the market.