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Professional Sunshine Coast tree lopping services can transform and strengthen your trees. Let our experts at O’Brien’s Tree Care provide effective tree pruning solutions to protect your home in the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Shire and down to North Brisbane.

When we tend to our gardens, we are always careful to manicure the smaller plants and prune some of the ornamental shrubs. Fruit bushes and rose bushes are pruned regularly, old growth is removed from established plants and flowers that are dead-headed.

However, we can overlook the need to prune and maintain our trees. Trees also need to have similar maintenance to remove dead branches or new ones that inhibit growth.

This is not something we should try ourselves with mature trees. Instead, we need the best tree lopping providers around.

Why is tree pruning so important?

Mature, large trees can look wonderful when they are healthy and strong. However, a change in health or some damage can soon become a cause for concern. Storms can break branches and poorly pruned trees come under strain.

Disease can take hold and weaken branches. When this happens, you are at risk of:

  1. branches breaking off and hitting the property
  2. branches breaking off and hitting people
  3. branches breaking and disrupting power lines
  4. trees becoming unstable from their shape or ill-health
  5. disease spreading through the tree or the garden.

It is important to take notice of these issues as soon as possible and turn to a company offering tree lopping services near you.

How can a tree lopper help?

We consider tree lopping and tree pruning to be the same service. Professionally, we tend to use the term pruning as we prune plants to improve their shape and health. Tree lopping is a common alternative term that you will also find in our service pages.

Pruning means that we cut any branches that are a potential risk for minimal impact. There is no good in removing a tree when only one or two branches are to blame.

Tree removal services are best left for cases where there is no choice but to remove the whole tree. This could be because of a tree death, root issues or other, more substantial problems.

A tree pruning service is a great idea for properties with multiple trees to manage as a preventative strategy to keep trees healthy and strong. Our team can come out and give the trees on your property a health check and handle any problems we find.

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    Why turn to us for tree lopping in Sunshine Coast?

    Whether you prefer to call it tree lopping or tree pruning, you can be sure of a professional service when you call on our team.

    We have 10 years of experience in this industry and know the most effective ways to lop branches, fell trees and improve your garden. You can rely on us to take the lead and handle the job properly so that your tree is safe.

    We will also advise you if we see potential problems and can help with other needs. However, we also want to make sure that we listen to you. We want to know what you want and the look you are after so you are satisfied with the end result.

    We promise to do all this with a friendly service and a cost-effective rate. It really is best to leave it to the professionals.

    It may look like an easy job at first. You might see a diseased branch or a broken one and think that you can remove it yourself. There are three important reasons why you need to turn to the most professional arborists Sunshine Coast has for this job. We have:

    1. An understanding of the health and anatomy of the tree
    2. The right tools and experience for the job
    3. Safety training

    Arborists are often called tree surgeons for a reason. We are there to offer the right treatment option for a tree without causing harm. We can detect disease, remove the branch and make sure the rest of the tree isn’t damaged.

    If you go up the tree yourself, you might cause further problems. This is even more likely if you use the wrong tools or don’t have experience in tree lopping. Finally, there are lots of health and safety considerations involved with this job that we are better equipped to handle.

    Call on O’Brien’s Tree Care today for reliable tree lopping services in the Sunshine Coast and beyond

    If you a tree that needs a little help with some effective tree pruning, call us today to learn more. We can come out and access the problem and arrange to remove the offending branches.

    Don’t live with the risk of dangerous tree branches or diseased trees. Let our tree lopping Sunshine Coast experts help you out.