Stump Grinding North Brisbane

With recent damaging winds and more storms always on the horizon for North Brisbane, taking care of your trees has never been more important. Whether a tree has recently dropped branches or come down entirely O’Briens Tree Care is here to help. Our experienced team offers 24-hour emergency work, tree removal and stump grinding North Brisbane residents can rely on.

Removing Dangerous Trees

When trees are sick, old or damaged by the elements they can very quickly become a hazard. As extreme weather events continue to be a problem across South East Queensland, damaging wind and rain can damage your trees substantially. With timely intervention from expert arborists after a storm the majority of trees can often be saved. When a tree is completely brought down in a storm repairing the damage it caused and cleanup is a stressful and time-consuming process. With so much to worry about, proper tree removal and stump grinding are often the last things people think about.

In the wake of a storm and all the expenses involved in repairing damage caused by a tree, it can be easy to simply leave the stump. But even when a tree has already fallen and the obvious danger has passed, the remaining stump can cause a range of issues if not dealt with correctly and quickly. The old stump can be an eyesore taking up space where you might want to plant a new tree or make different use of the space. Not only that, ignored tree stumps can attract all manner of pests. Decaying stumps make a great home for termites, ants, snakes, rodents and more, creating even more hazards for you, your family and your property.

Let The Professionals Handle It

You might look at the stump and believe you can deal with it yourself, but without the proper knowledge and equipment stump removal can be very dangerous. From messy processes and poor results to the downright dangerous DIY stump removal is never a good idea. Professional arborists, like the team at O’Briens Tree Care, can quickly and safely remove stumps of any size with heavy-duty stump grinding equipment.

While it is possible for an individual to hire stump grinding equipment, misuse of this kind of equipment can be incredibly hazardous for you and your property. When you hire a professional you get the years of experience, techniques, and knowledge of trees that really makes the difference in stump grinding and removal.

Stump Grinding Across North Brisbane

Here at O’Brien’s Tree Care, we want to help reduce the stress of dealing with the aftermath of a storm. Our friendly and efficient team are here to support you with emergency services, tree removal and stump grinding in North Brisbane. We have the best quality equipment operated by highly trained professionals who place an emphasis on safety first for both themselves, your family and your property.

Don’t leave the stump to become an even bigger problem and contact O’Brien’s Tree Care today. Give us a call on 0431 740 088 to discuss your options and get a quote for stump grinding across North Brisbane.