4 Signs Your Tree Is About To Fall

As much as we can love a certain tree we also need to be aware of what signs to look out for so we can understand when it may be presenting a danger to our family or property. A falling tree is extremely dangerous and while sometimes it can be unforeseeable we should always be vigilant in inspecting the trees on our property just like any other part of the home.

Branches are falling for no reason:

Falling limbs can be a common occurrence during storms and strong winds. If a limb has died off then a strong wind can easily bring it down and this is often little reason for concern. If you notice a tree suddenly dropping limbs for seemingly no reason then further inspection is very much required.

If you notice decay around the area the break happened then there is a good chance it is also present in pother parts of the tree. As more of the decay spreads the trees structural integrity can fail and removing it becomes an immediate priority.

The tree starts to lean:

While a tree that has grown with a lean might be thought of as an immediate reason for removal it can often be fine due to the way its root structure works. The warning sign you need to look out for is the tree moving back and forth or constantly shifting. If you notice the sudden leaning of a tree then you need to get a qualified arborist on site to perform an inspection and determine the best course of action.

Mushrooms start to appear:

In our previous article we talked about stumps resembling icebergs. What is above the surface is often half the story at most and with mushrooms this has never been truer. While the presence of mushrooms may not be seen as a serious issue they come with a large underground network of fungal filaments that will move through the surrounding wood and soil.

As certain mushrooms make their way through your trees roots and trunks they will digest and weaken the tree. If you notice a fungal growth around the base of your tree organising an inspection is a great idea.

More than one trunk:

If you have a tree that has more than one trunk then it is always at risk of splitting where they join. As time goes on weight can shift between the two and given that they are often weakly attached to each other this can present a serious issue.

tree about to fall
tree about to fall
tree about to fall

Are You Concerned A Tree Is About To Fall On Your Property?

If you feel like a tree in your yard is in risk of falling then call O’Brien’s Tree Care immediately on 0431 740 088. We will arrive on site as quickly as possible and inspect the tree in question. Once we ascertain the risk we can provide you with an obligation free quote to remove the tree.