5 Signs Your Palm Tree Needs An Arborist

The subtropical climate we enjoy throughout South-East Queensland makes it the perfect place for palm trees to thrive. A popular choice for resorts who are looking to set the tone for their visitors, palm trees can present several challenges when it comes to upkeep including the lack of limbs making them hard to scale without the proper equipment and know-how.

Palms can drop fronds quite frequently which means you are afforded many opportunities to keep an eye on their health when clearing them away. Just like any other tree, palms are prone to disease and other threats which can result in removal if not taken care of quickly enough. In order to make inspecting your palms easier we have compiled a list of 5 signs that your palm tree might be in trouble.

Fronds Are Browning or Stunted

One of the easiest ways to determine if a palm tree is in trouble is to take a look at its fronds. As fronds develop they should go from a lighter, bright green through to a darker shade so any discoloration on younger, upright fronds could signal that an arborist is needed to carry out an assessment to determine the cause. Sometimes simply removing some excess fronds including those who are already on the way out can fix this issue but it can also signal a bigger threat.

Damaged Midribs

The entirety of a palm tree’s “branches” are called fronds and the midrib is what connects them to the trunk. We are no strangers to high winds and storms along the coast and this can result in damaged midribs, with another culprit being very low temperatures. As this vital part of the palm’s structure is tasked with transporting nutrients gathered by the leaves, damage can have a significant impact on the palm tree’s health and should be rectified by a professional arborist.

Check For Signs Of Disease

Palm trees are susceptible to a number of tree diseases which can present a threat to the tree harbouring them and those around it. Leaf spots, false smut (Graphiola) and butt rot are just some of the more common diseases you might find on your palm tree. Some of them are easy to treat with others such as fungal rot can result in the tree needing to be removed. The best course of action is always quick treatment so calling an experienced professional is a must.

Do You Have A Pest Problem

Your palms can be exposed to insects that will not only damage your tree but can also completely destroy it. Pests such as Coconut Mites, Mealybugs, Palm Aphids, Palm Leaf Scales, Palm Leaf Skeletonizer and weevils are all happy to munch away at your palm. Unlike disease, pests can move much faster so getting them under control as soon as possible by hiring a qualified arborist with a deep understanding of tree pests is an absolute must.

Roots Are Becoming Dangerous

While the roots of a palm are fibrous and shallow, they can get out of hand just like any other tree. Given how popular palm trees are for resorts, roots that have gotten out of control can put you at risk of being liable for injury. They can also cause the destruction of property which results in costly repairs. Depending on how out of hand your palm tree’s roots have gotten removal might be the only course of action.

palm tree arborist

Qualified, Experienced Arborist Offering Palm Tree Maintenance & Removal

Should you have concerns about any of the above signs in relation to palms on your property the best course of action is always to contact a qualified arborist with extensive experience in dealing with palm trees. O’Brien’s Tree Care have been working with palms for decades and have seen just about everything there is when it comes to their health and upkeep. We can ascertain the cause of your palm’s issues and provide a clear outline of how we intend to rectify it.

To get in touch with O’Brien’s Tree Care to arrange a time for an on site inspection of your palm trees, give us a call on 0431 740 088 or contact us online. We offer obligation free quotes on all of our tree services including tree removal, stump grinding and pruning.