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Land Clearing Services Sunshine Coast Residents Love  

O'Brien's Tree Care is a local company that serves the Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Moreton Bay region, and the surrounding areas in Australia. We provide land clearing services for both residential and commercial property owners.

Land Clearing Services for Residential Property Owners

We provide land clearing Sunshine Coast services for families and individuals looking to build a home from scratch on land filled with trees and undesirable vegetation such as vines, bushes, and thorns. 

Our services are also valuable to homeowners looking to expand their outdoor living spaces or yards to create new amenities such as a swimming pool or other structures.

Land Clearing Services for Commercial Property Owners and Developers

We assist investors and developers prepare newly acquired land for mass building projects by eliminating any trees and vegetation that may hinder the construction. In already established properties, we also help in removing trees to cater for further expansion. Likewise, we eliminate trees and vegetation that pose a safety hazard.

Our Land Clearing Services

The range of land and block clearing services we provide both residential and commercial property owners includes:

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  • Removing brush

    Brush refers to a growth of grasses, herbs, and shrubs. This vegetation is unsuitable for human habitation. In some cases, it can cause a fire hazard.

  • Tree removal

    Part of our tree removal Caboolture service is to get rid of dead trees as well as trees damaged by storms that could pose a safety hazard especially if they have been struck down. 

    We also clear trees that interfere with property development or are in the way of expansion.

  • Stump removal

    This involves eradicating tree stumps and tree root systems from your property for safety and aesthetic reasons. It is an essential step if you are building a residence on an empty block as some stumps and tree roots can get in the way of your property’s foundation, pipes and other underground structures.

  • Assessment services

    We evaluate the trees on your property and give you an assessment on the potential hazards the trees might have on your property after development is completed. A long-term view can help you avoid disasters down the line and plan your build with all factors in mind.

  • Removal of buried materials

    We remove other obstacles, such as metal containers, on land that may be a safety hazard as well as old foundations that may be on the property as part of our land clearing work.

Common Issues Associated With Land Clearing

While block clearing in the Sunshine Coast might look manageable and thus tempting to do on your own, this is far from reality. Lot clearing involves several significant steps such as site survey and analysis, as well as planning and execution. These steps require a significant time investment to master in order to successfully carry out.

There are also other issues that need to be dealt with. For example, issues with utilities such as overhead power cables, as well as buried gas and sewer lines running through the property. 

These must be taken into consideration before any clearing takes place. Similarly, you must determine the right equipment to be used, not to mention acquiring the skills involved to actually use them. 

All in all, it's clear to see how this can cause a lot of headaches if undertaken by someone without the right set of skills and tools.


Benefits of Using a Professional

Our tree and landscape professionals have the necessary skills and tools and are therefore equipped to carry out land clearing services with little hassle.

Benefits of hiring our Caboolture block clearing professionals

  • Safety

    Our land clearing professionals have the know-how and years of experience using heavy machinery to ensure we can handle tasks with relative ease and guaranteed safety to everyone in the vicinity.

  • Fast and effective

    We can carry out land clearing in a much shorter time due to our many years of experience and profound knowledge. Building contractors with tight deadlines can benefit tremendously from hiring our specialists as a result.

  • Environmental responsibility

    We take an eco-friendly approach to all our land clearing projects. Not only are we familiar with environmental laws, we can also advise you accordingly on land clearing operations in your area. As part of our land clearing packages, we can also include mulching services to help reuse suitable organic matter rather than throwing it away.

  • Cost effective

    Comparatively speaking, hiring us for you block clearing needs in Caboolture, Sunshine Coast and surrounds will save you money in the long run in contrast to doing it yourself. (Especially when you consider the cost of equipment and time investment required to learn all the nitty-gritties of performing a clearance effectively).

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