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It can be easy to forget about the root system when planning gardens and planting trees on your property. However, without careful planning root systems can cause huge amounts of damage. Root barriers and root management systems give you control over unwanted and intrusive roots.

At O’Brien’s Tree Care we offer comprehensive installation of root barrier system on the Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane & Caboolture. Whether your protecting property from trees previously planted too close or want better control over new trees we can tailor a root barrier system for you.

What Are Root Barriers?

Root barriers are flexible, dense, high-strength plastic membranes most commonly combined with bentonite and sand to create a physical wall. These barriers are used to stop tree roots from spreading too far or to help direct the roots to grow in a certain way. The material is placed vertically into the ground around the problem tree or adjacent to structures that need protection.

What Are Root Barrier Systems For?

Root systems can be highly destructive and root barrier systems are most commonly used to stop the invasive growth from large and established root systems. Roots can push up pavers and crack structures, damaging everything from driveways to pipes. Over time this can result in severe and costly damage. Fig trees are a great example of these damaging root systems, in many suburbs across North Brisbane you can see the damage these large root systems can cause to roads, footpaths and even buildings. Root management systems can also be used to direct and control the roots of new trees to avoid foundations, underground services and other potential hazards.

Root barriers also maintain the integrity of the root system. Separating the soil around the roots from the rest of the property helps control the soil moisture content, maintaining the tree and the ground around it. Root barriers also prevent particularly thirsty trees from taking in too much water and drying out the surrounding soil. The loss of moisture can harm other trees and cause soil shrinkage. Soil shrinkage can cause subsidence, damage foundations and in extreme cases even create sinkholes. In the past, the tree would have to be removed, but with the addition of a root management system the property is protected and the tree can stay.

Expert Arborist Are Needed To Install Root Barrier Systems Properly

With various products being advertised as root barriers at hardware stores it can be easy to think installing a root management system is a simple DIY job. However, when it comes to the large and complex root system of a tree you really need to consult an arborist to ensure the root barrier system actually works.

Many root barrier systems you can pick up from your local hardware store are designed for garden edging and controlling the roots of smaller plants and shrubs rather than trees. Proper root management systems designed for large trees also utilise sand and clay materials for increased strength and to ensure even the most invasive roots are blocked. Careful planning is required to ensure the root barrier works without damaging or endangering the tree.

The right system will depend on a number of factors including the species, size and location of the tree. Every tree is different and a professional arborist will have the knowledge and expertise to design and implement the right root management system tailored to your trees and the structures you want to protect.

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