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Try O'Brien's Tree Care for the best stump grinding services in the Sunshine Coast, Northside Brisbane & Caboolture. Watch the unsafe stump disappear with our efficient, comprehensive tree root removal package.

Arborists that specialise in tree removal aren't limited to simply cutting down trees. The best services are those that provide a more complete package for the benefit of the consumer and their property.

That is why it isn't always enough to stop when then the tree has been felled. There is no need to leave an unsafe, ugly stump behind when there are options for stump grinding Sunshine Coast residents can take advantage of.

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What is stump grinding?

As the name suggests, stump grinding is a way of grinding down the dead wood of those old tree stumps. It is one of the more effective means of Sunshine Coast tree stump removal.

Heavy duty machinery grinds down the wood and helps us remove the last of a former tree.

Why is stump grinding so important?

Tree stumps can be a problem when left alone in a garden. They can:  

1) invite in pests and termites that could cause a problem elsewhere

2) pose a tripping hazard for people using the garden, or

3) take up valuable space.   

The problem of an old tree isn't over when you chop it down at the base. There is still a large stump either on the border or the lawn. This lump of wood takes up valuable space and could stop you from landscaping a garden effectively, especially in a smaller garden.

There are also health and safety considerations for the residents of the home. This is why it pays to remove the whole tree, not just the majority of it.  

What stump removal services can O'Brien's Tree Care provide?

We want to point out that there is more to a stump grinding service from our team than just the basic removal process. There are basically two parts to this process.

First of all, we will come out and use our equipment to grind down the stump and completely remove it from the ground.
It doesn't matter what type of tree you have or how big the stump is. Our machinery and our skilled workers can get the job done and transform the old trunk into dust.

From there, we will also take the time to fill in the area. It doesn't take much effort to backfill a hole in the ground.

With our expert landscapers on hand as well, we will smooth everything over, clean up after ourselves and the only evidence of our work will be the missing stump.

Sunshine Coast stump grinding services are just part of the experience we offer

There are some companies that will only provide this stump removal as an extra service. They see tree removal and stump removal as two separate tasks. That isn't the case with us. Instead, we will throw in the tree root removal free of charge if we are removing a tree.

This means that you can rely on us for a more comprehensive and affordable package. If you want the tree gone, we will remove the whole tree and fill in the gap so you can enjoy the space once again. The whole process is undertaken by our skilled team that has 10 years of experience in the field.

We will make that stump disappear with as little hassle as possible.

This is why you need a professional stump removal Sunshine Coast expert

There are sure to be some homeowners that look at the stump in the ground and assume that they can handle it. Some may try and dig it out or decide to hire the equipment themselves.

This isn't necessarily going to save any time or money. The hire costs and time spent dealing with the stump are excessive.

We can offer equipment and labour at an affordable rate. There is also the health and safety risk of dealing with these tools and handling the wood if you have no experience. When dealing with our professional arborists, we can safely complete the tree and stump removal and also advise you on other issues.

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We can take care of the problem until there is nothing left - all with a friendly, efficient service. Book today and say goodbye to that stump for good.