Common Tree Care Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes the best of intentions can lead to harm when it comes to maintaining the trees in our backyard. While giving regular care to your trees is recommended sometimes the methods we deploy have a detrimental effect to our trees health. Let’s take a look at some of the most common tree care mistakes people make when caring for their beloved trees.

Plant it right from the get go

I know, we said this would be about tree maintenance mistakes but we would be remiss not to talk about a key mistake a lot of people make when planting a tree. If we didn’t plant it right we can’t get it to grow and have the chance to maintain it. Often when planting a tree people will plant is too deeply into the ground in an attempt to make sure it has the stability to grow into the future.

When you bury the root base of the tree you subject this vital part of the trees structure to constant moisture. When this happens both fungi and bacteria can start to grow and attack the tree. Once this starts to take place the trees structural integrity is compromised and it will eventually lead to the tree needing to be removed.

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Don’t water it too much

We all know that plants need water and of course your friendly tree is no exception. There can be a tendency to over water trees, especially when they have just been planted. In order to search for water in the soil a trees root structure will move towards the moistest area around it which is typically deeper into the ground.

This means the roots are deeply embedded in the ground and therefore the tree is stronger and more resistant to falling over during high winds. This is a key concern due to the summer storm season we experience every year which often result in many poorly planted trees falling over.

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Make sure you prune the right way

Pruning a tree is a big part of keeping it safe and healthy and should be carried out on a regular basis to keep things thriving. When it comes to cutting branches its best to keep in mind that a tree is very similar to us when it comes to dealing with wounds. When you cut a trees branches you open it up to exposure to pathogens and fungi.

The risk of infection from these threats is at its highest when the inside is exposed to the elements. Learning the correct pruning techniques and the do’s and dont’s of the process is invaluable and will make sure you aren’t harming that which you are trying to help.

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Talk To A Professional About What Tree Care Techniques Will Work Best For Your Trees

Sometimes you just need to talk to a professional before you move ahead with your plans for garden maintenance and O’Brien’s Tree Care is on hand to give you the best advice possible based on decades of experience. We also provide pruning and planting services so you can rest assured your tree’s are getting the best care possible. Give us a call today on 0431 740 088 or contact us online to learn more.