Landscaping and Palm Removal Wamuran

At O’Brien’s Tree Care, we regularly carry out landscaping and palm removal in Wamuran, working with our clients to establish vegetation maintenance plans based on the clients needs and lifestyle. This week the team attended a property at Wamuran that is currently being privately rented. The owner wanted to get the current landscaping cleaned up and in a more manageable state.

As it is rented, the owner wanted the landscaping to be low maintenance. Their main concerns were the palm seeds and fronds, and snakes due to the dense vegetation. The O’Brien’s Tree Care team achieved this for the client by:

  • Removal of all Alex palms
  • Removal of all blade Grass
  • Removal of all garden creepers
  • Separation of all bromeliads
  • Placement of semi aged forest mulch to all gardens
  • Fertilisation and treatments of all established Cycads.

Whilst conducting maintenance at your property may seem simple, if the trees are not pruned correctly, you can cause damage, which affects the health of the tree. This is why you should consider hiring a professional for all tree pruning and tree removal needs.

The team will ensure that the tree remains healthy and thrives after receiving first class treatment by our team. If you are looking to sell, having maintained gardens can also increase the value of your property by improving the appeal of the property.

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