Pest & Diseases In Trees

Do you have trees which are suffering from pests or disease? Looking for someone to identify these pests & diseases and help you manage the issues they cause without the loss of trees? O’Brien’s Tree Care is the team you can count on.

We have been working with private residents, business and local councils for many years in the eradication and control of harmful pests & diseases. With over 35 years of experience, you can count on our knowledge. O’Brien’s Tree Care boasts some of the most highly skilled arborists in the State.

How Can We Help Identify Pest & Diseases In Your Tree

With our team of qualified and experienced arborists, we can quickly and skilfully identify trees with pests & diseases. Once identified, our team will develop a strategic approach in consultation with our clients, with the welfare of the tree as a focus. We endeavour to save trees whenever possible; however we are not opposed to removal of trees should infestation be severe.

Should You Be Concerned About Pest & Diseases In Your Trees

A vital component of all-encompassing tree management and maintenance, identification and removal of pests & disease is essential to healthy growth. At O’Brien’s Tree Care, we use various techniques to manage or eradicate infestation of disease or pests within identified trees. Through our management processes, we aim to eliminate the threat of spreading.

Depending upon the type of pest or disease, we can use different mitigation techniques including pruning, tree injections and spraying to control or eliminate the threat.

When it comes to pest and disease management, the best defence is a good offence. With this quote, we mean the best way to control pests & diseases is to take pre-emptive action and implement appropriate control measures in the form of regular inspections to ensure that there is no evidence of pests or diseases. If infestation is found, it is much easier to control in the early stages.

O’Brien’s Tree Care monitors and evaluates local tree species and areas for business, private residents and council, providing our expertise in the development of effective management plans for the life of the tree and safety of the public.

Serious infestation of pests or disease can weaken trees, making them susceptible to toppling and causing potential hazards. With our numerous resources and skilled personnel, we can provide expert pest and disease management information on any scale.

Pest & Diseases In Trees
Pest & Diseases In Trees

Contact O’Brien’s Tree Care For Pest & Disease Management

For information on the severity and type of infestation you may be facing, contact O’Brien’s Tree Care and book your inspection now! Pre-emptive action is the only course of action to limit damage. Call us on 0431 740 088 or contact us online to arrange a time for us to come out.