Stump Removal On The Sunshine Coast

A leftover stump can be a source of great annoyance for your family or staff if left to sit in your yard. Decaying stumps can become home for termites, ants, beetles, wood wasps, snakes and rodents all which possess their own threat to your home as well as your family.

If left unchecked these pests can cause significant damage to your home which can be costly and time-consuming. Removing the stump is the best way to avoid more potential issues down the line.

What to Consider when Carrying Out Stump Removal

When looking to remove a stump on your property there are a number of things to consider when planning your approach. A key factor is whether the stump still has roots growing under it. Over time a tree will send suckers out along its root system which look to break the soil and start new growth. The power of tree roots is often underestimated and many people fail to realise that unchecked roots can cause significant damage to foundations.

As roots can spread far from the tree it’s impossible to remove them all with the stump. If a stump is still growing roots then the use of poison can sometimes be considered to kill off growth after the stump is removed. Determining the use of poison should always be left to a qualified and experienced professional that understands the type of tree and the root structure it typically possesses.

Another point to consider is what will be done with the stump once it is removed. Most of the time a stump is simply ground down using specialised equipment. The resulting wood chips are fantastic for use in the garden as mulch or simply garden decoration. If the stump is removed as a whole then it will need to be hauled away. This should be discussed before the process is started.

The use of specialised equipment is required to remove most stumps. These tools can be hired but should only be operated by experienced professionals as misuse can lead to injury or damage your property. We recommend consulting with a qualified arborist before taking on a stump removal yourself. That way you will be properly informed about the challenge you face.

O’Brien’s Tree Care are Stump Removal Specialists

If you are dealing with an unwanted stump on your property the best call to make is one to O’Brien’s Tree Care. Our team of experienced and qualified arborists are able to lay out a plan of removal and advise you on each step we plan to take in the process. We have the best quality equipment operated by highly trained professionals who place an emphasis on safety first for both themselves, your family and property.

Contact O’Brien’s Tree Care for a quote to remove your stump today. You can give us a call on 0431 740 088 or visit our contact page to send us a quote request.

For rules and regulations regarding any tree removal service you can visit the relevant Sunshine Coast Council webpage.