The Best Time To Prune Your Trees

Deciding when is the best time to prune your trees depends on what type of tree you are working with. Varying from species to species, ideal pruning times can revolve around fruiting, blooming or what the intended outcome of the pruning is. Pruning can be carried out to encourage growth, shape and direct the tree or simply remove hazardous branches. The age of the tree is also a factor and it is recommended to start pruning your trees early on in their life.

Pruning To Promote Growth

If the aim of pruning your tree is to promote healthy and sustainable growth, then late winter or early spring is the best time to prune your trees. Spring is synonymous with growth and given that we are removing part of its canopy we want it to hit the ground running, directing that now excess energy into strong branches. If you have deciduous trees, that is a tree that sheds its leaves at certain stages of the year, winter is a great choice because you have the most access possible with all the foliage gone.

Pruning To Limit Damage

Storms, pests and disease are just some of the threats your trees face. If your tree is damaged or you suspect it is unhealthy, it is vital to pruning be carried out to limit the damage caused. Just like a human, if an infected limb is left the damage will spread, eventually resulting in the entire tree needing to be removed. Sometimes the damage is easy to see but when dealing with disease or poisoning, it can be much harder to detect. If you suspect a tree on your property is struggling, it is always recommended to contact a professional arborist.

best time to prune your trees in winter

Pruning To Improve Flowering

If your goal is to give yourself more of that beautiful bloom, the best time to prune your trees is just after its flowers have started to drop. With the older flowers fading and new ones still a while away, the tree has the energy required to start new shoots and spread out. It is a good idea to prune ornamental trees often when they are young, as this results in a better shape and more flowering in general. If done properly early on, an ornamental tree will require little pruning as it ages, giving you more time to focus on other trees.

Pruning To Inhibit Growth

Sometimes a tree starts getting a little too close to your home for comfort or starts making its way over your fence into your neighbour’s yard. In these cases, the ideal time to prune the tree back is at the end of summer. This means less growth will occur after the pruning as we move into autumn and then winter. Given how hot our summers are, you want to be careful when exposing younger branches to the sun as they can in fact get burnt, causing damage to the tree which is not the result we are after.

Talk To A Pruning Expert About The Best Time To Prune Your Trees

We always recommend consulting with an experienced arborist before committing to any serious pruning. You will need the right equipment as well as the know-how to get the best results possible without harming the tree in the process. While pruning does remove limbs from a tree, it should never be destructive. In most cases, the purpose of pruning is to promote healthy growth, not hinder it. With this in mind, taking the time to consult with an expert gives you the best chance of success.

We offer tree pruning across North Brisbane, Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast. We operate with safety in mind at all times and our decades of experience in pruning trees means you get the best results possible. Our arborists can also provide invaluable advice regarding how to take care of the tree in the future. If you are considering removing a large branch, you should let an experienced arborist take care of it in order to keep everyone safe, including your property.

To arrange an obligation free quote on tree pruning, give O’Brien’s Tree Care a call on 0431 740 088 or contact us online. We look forward to working with you to give your beloved trees a new lease on life, growing strong for years to come.