Is It Time To Remove That Tree? A Tree Health Check Might Let You Know

The trees that reside in your yard can be of great utility. They can provide much needed shade in the hot summer that Australia is renowned for. They can reduce sound from nearby homes and busy roads as well as help filter out pollution and particles that the nearby cars and trucks expel.

Aside from the utility it provides, a tree can just be a significant part of your landscaping design or a beloved place to sit under and read a book. These aspects of a tree’s placement can make it difficult to determine when it’s the best time to have the tree removed. While we may want to keep our favorite tree around, it can present a serious risk to your family and your property if it has poor health.

3 Steps For A Quick Tree Health Check

Looking At Branches

Usually the first thing people notice when a tree’s health begins to decline is dead branches. The odd branch here and there is ok as long as they are smaller in size. If you see a large limb that has died then you should contact a qualified arborist as soon as possible to have the tree inspected and the limb removed safely regardless of the overall health of the tree. If you notice more than a quarter of a tree’s branches are dead then it is more than likely time for the tree to come down.

Checking The Trunk

When looking under the bark of a tree the trunk should be smooth and feature no cracks or seams. If you see cracks on a trunk there is a good chance decay is underway as rot starts to develop. You may notice parts of the trunk seem hollow and if this is the case your next step is to contact an arborist to carry out further inspection.

Looking At The Base

It makes the most sense that inspecting the part of the tree that holds it in place is paramount to ensuring your tree’s health and assessing the risk it may pose. A telltale sign that your tree could be in trouble is the appearance of fungi at the base and root structure. When a tree begins to rot and decay it becomes an ideal environment for fungi to thrive. Branches growing from the base of the tree are also a sign of great stress and can be another indicator that the tree is experiencing difficulties.

tree health check
tree health check

Concerned About A Tree’s Health? Call A Professional

If you suspect a tree in your yard is in ill health then you can use some of the tips above to get a better idea of what is going on. The best solution to finding the correct course of action is to contact a qualified arborist like O’Brien’s Tree Care to carry out an onsite inspection and determine what measures you need to take based on years of experience.