Tree Root Removal – Why You Should Hire A Professional

Tree root removal is an important process that should always be undertaken in order to keep your trees and home safe from pests. Much like an iceberg, the leftover stump is only a small part of the picture, with the root system potentially taking up a massive amount of space under the ground. Aside from taking up space, the roots are also a prime location for pests such as termites which pose a significant threat to your home and other trees.

By engaging a professional to remove the leftover root system, you can rest assured you are not harbouring unwanted tenants such as rats under the ground. Roots that grow above ground are also a tripping hazard which means removing them makes your yard safer for those playing or working in it. Just like any other tree servicing, hiring an experienced professional is the best course of action to ensure it is safely and completely removed.

tree root removal

Why Should I Hire A Professional?

It can be tempting to try to remove a tree’s root system yourself but this could result in more work down the road. A root system can be extremely complex and removing the part directly under the stump is not enough to get the job done right. Even though the tree itself is gone, the roots can still grow, meaning you will need to come back later to remove the rest once it starts to wreak havoc on your yard.

It is also important to understand the layering of your yard’s soil when removing tree roots. If you dig up too much topsoil when attempting to eradicate the roots you can change the structure of your soil. This can result in uneven ground that sags over time with the problem being further exacerbated with the pooling of water when it rains. A professional arborist such as O’Brien’s Tree Care has the right tools and know-how to get the roots removed with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Using the right tools for a job like root removal is incredibly important and makes it a safer experience for everyone. A professional will have access to these tools, including stump grinders, and the experience required to safely operate them. We are also covered by insurance should anything go wrong during the extraction. When you compare the cost of equipment hire, risk of injury and time spent working out how best to do it, hiring a professional makes sense.

Is Tree Root Removal Really Necessary?

Depending on the type of tree, the leftover root system is certainly something you should be concerned about. Termites are a major threat to your home and anything that furthers the risk of them entering your property should be eliminated immediately. Termites will often make a leftover stump their home, spreading down into the root structure as they consume everything in their path. Once detected, you will need to have your home inspected which can be costly.

Leftover roots can also continue to grow which can cause damage to landscaping features such as paths. It may not seem possible, but a tree’s roots can be extremely tough, working their way through concrete and other hard surfaces over time. This includes growing through drains and pipes sitting under the ground. They can also change the structure of your soil which will wreak havoc on garden beds and other features. All of these events mean costly repairs, which makes a proactive approach the most sensible one.

damage due to tree roots

Tree Roots Can Grow Wide And Deep

We have found that most people assume that the root system of a tree is much smaller than it really is. The roots of a tree can grow anywhere from 2 to 5 times the size of its canopy which can mean a massive amount of roots. In terms of depth, you can expect roots to grow down up to 6m which means a massive amount of work required to fully remove them without causing a disruption to the rest of your yard.

Understanding the type of tree you are working with is also crucial to getting the job done correctly. Certain trees will present different challenges when removing the root structure. This includes those prone to suckers, also known as basal shoots. If not taken care of correctly, roots such as these will continue to grow shoots, meaning more work down the road. Certain species will also have extremely aggressive root systems, meaning an experienced hand is invaluable.

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How Much Does Tree Root Removal Cost?

The price for the removal of tree roots depends on the type of tree, its location and its age. While we cannot give an estimate off the top of our head, we offer free on-site evaluations. A qualified, experienced arborist will visit your home or office to determine the best course of action and then provide you with an obligation free quote. Our quotes are all-inclusive and include the use of any specialist equipment required to get the job done.

Don’t risk injury and untold expenses by attempting tree root removal yourself. Get in touch with O’Brien’s Tree Care and let a professional arborist take care of your problematic roots safely and efficiently. To talk with an expert, call us on 0431 740 088 or get in touch with us online.