What is Possum Banding? Understanding Tree Protection & Wildlife Care

Possum banding is an increasingly common practice in urban and suburban areas, balancing the need to protect trees from wildlife damage while also caring for the local fauna. Those living in Brisbane will be very familiar with the scratching and scurrying of these cute but sometimes destructive critters. For professional arborists like O’Brien’s Tree Care, this technique is part of a comprehensive approach to tree health and ecosystem management.

What is Possum Banding?

Possum banding involves wrapping a special material around the trunk of a tree to prevent possums from climbing it. This method is typically used to protect trees that are being significantly damaged by possums, which can strip bark and leaves, compromising the tree’s health. It can also be deployed to stop possums from gaining access to your roof, where they can sometimes make themselves quite at home.

The Need for Possum Banding

In areas where possum populations are high, the damage to trees can be extensive. Possum banding is a humane way to deter these animals from damaging trees, especially those that are young or already stressed. It helps in preserving the natural beauty and integrity of urban trees, which are crucial for the environment and urban aesthetics. If possums are causing significant damage to structures, banding can also save a tree from being cut down as a preventative measure.

possum banding

Does Possum Banding Hurt Trees?

A common concern is whether possum banding harms the trees but the reality is that we would not provide the service if this was the case.. The materials used for banding are designed to be tree-friendly. They are applied in a way that doesn’t constrict or damage the tree’s bark or underlying tissue, ensuring the tree remains healthy and continues to grow normally. The banding does not harm the tree or the animal, which is important given our focus on sustaining local wildlife.

Benefits of Possum Banding

Possum banding offers a win-win situation: it protects trees from damage while also being a wildlife-friendly solution. This practice allows possums to continue living in their natural habitat without causing harm to the trees. It’s an essential part of managing the balance between urban development and natural ecosystems. As we move towards a more environmentally conscious populus, methods like possum banding really give us the best of both worlds.

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A Professional Approach to Possum Banding is Essential

At O’Brien’s Tree Care, possum banding is carried out with the utmost care for both trees and wildlife. Our team of qualified arborists understands the delicate balance in ecosystem management and uses our expertise to apply banding techniques that are effective and ethical. Possum banding is a practical and environmentally responsible solution for protecting trees in areas with active wildlife. It exemplifies the careful and considered approach needed in modern urban tree care.

For those in need of professional tree care and wildlife management services, O’Brien’s Tree Care offers the expertise and commitment to ensure the health and beauty of your trees and the well-being of local wildlife. For more information on possum banding or any of our other tree services, contact O’Brien’s Tree Care on 0431 740 088 or get in touch with us online by clicking here.