Strata Landscaping & Tree Care Services

O’Brien’s Tree Care is here to make maintaining green spaces, gardens and trees easier for body corporate and strata property managers. Increase your property value and appeal with strata landscaping design and tree care. Our team of experts can help design and maintain landscaping to suit your property and budget.

Garden Services

O’Brien’s Tree Care takes the hard work out of maintaining landscaping on strata properties of all sizes. With regular maintenance schedules, we can keep gardens and trees looking great without you needing to lift a finger. Whether you need landscape and hedging maintenance to keep common areas beautiful or just need to keep the grass and weeds under control, we can help.

Our team can also design and establish new body corporate and strata landscaping to meet your needs. We can help balance beautiful and functional garden spaces to meet your budget and ongoing maintenance requirements. Our experienced team offers a wide range of services including specialist tree care and arborist services.

strata landscaping service

Tree Pruning & Health Checks

We offer routine tree inspections and maintenance in order to keep everyone safe and your trees healthy. With decades of experience and a deep understanding of local tree species, we can efficiently manage and maintain trees of all kinds. Having your trees regularly checked by qualified professionals can prevent the spread of diseases and vermin as well as reduce the chances of injury or damage to property caused by falling branches.

Even if nothing is obviously wrong with a tree, our experienced arborists can check on the tree’s health and offer pruning, maintenance or complete tree removal if necessary to help ensure your property is safe. Our comprehensive tree removal and stump grinding is an efficient and safe way to completely remove any unwanted or hazardous trees.

Proper tree pruning, maintenance, and checks are also vitally important prior to storm and bushfire season. With our team of local experts, we at O’Brien’s Tree Care, pride ourselves on offering our customers specialist services and expert advice for their unique property and location.

Emergency Tree Services

Our team has been offering emergency tree removal services for over a decade. Unlike smaller providers, we are fully insured arborists, with Public Liability Cover up to $10 million and Work Cover insurance on all jobs we complete. If you notice any of the trees on your property with numerous broken branches, split trunks or if they suddenly start leaning, it’s time to call our professional team.

We are also available 24/7 for tree removal emergencies to contain and prevent further damage from hazardous trees.

strata landscaping service

Strata Landscaping & Tree Care

Whatever your needs, O’Brien’s Tree Care makes maintaining safe and beautiful outdoor spaces easy. We can work with you to develop a custom garden maintenance plan for your needs, re-design the strata landscaping and more. Contact the team today and see how O’Brien’s Tree Care can make landscaping and maintenance easy.