5 Benefits Of Regular Tree Maintenance

Engaging a professional arborist to carry out regular tree maintenance is a great way to keep everyone safe and your trees healthy. We are regularly called to jobs where the damage has already been done and have found the vast majority of these calls could have been prevented with regular upkeep. Maintenance plans are a great idea for residents, businesses and strata managed properties and our flexible timetable means we can work around you.

Our tree maintenance plans are affordable and can be customised to suit your properties requirements. We have been working across South-East Queensland for decades which means we possess a deep understanding of the local flora throughout our region. With this experience we can provide the best possible plan of action to take care of the trees across your property. As the seasons change we can also provide great advice aimed towards keeping your trees healthy year round.

Regular Tree Maintenance

Regular Tree Maintenance Has The Following Benefits

Promoting Healthy Growth

While it can seem counterintuitive, removing select limbs from your trees is a great way to promote healthy and sustainable growth. We will identify limbs that are dying or growing in a way that will result in problems down the road. By removing these suspect branches we better direct the tree’s growth, resulting in stronger limbs that can withstand the elements, particularly during our often violent storm season.

Reducing Your Liability

For both businesses and those managing properties through strata organisations, reducing liability is a major concern. Hiring a professional arborist to carry out regular tree maintenance means having a trusted eye on the trees across your property. Any branches that present a threat to the health and safety of your clients can be removed. We can also consult on the right species to plant for more manageable growth down the road.

Prevent Damage To Property

When trees are left to grow without care, it’s often your roof, shed or car that pay the price. Our attention to detail means we can ascertain what branches need attention now in order to avoid damage down the road. If branches are already growing over your property we have the right equipment and know-how to have them removed safely. When you compare the cost of repair to our affordable tree maintenance plans, it just makes sense to be proactive.

Reduce Chances Of Sudden Limb Drop

Sudden limb drop is a phenomenon where a branch will fall from a tree without any clear reason or cause. The very nature of sudden limb drop makes it almost impossible to prevent, but by actively pruning weak or unwanted branches back we make the tree as strong as possible. Sudden limb drop is not a common occurrence but we tend to look at it as minimising risk as much as we can which means a safer environment for everyone.

Keep Your Neighbours Happy

Trees are often the reason for neighbourly disputes. Branches that overhang into their property not only present a risk of falling but also drop leaves and fruit into their yard. If your trees are making more work for them, it’s reasonable that they might be a bit miffed. Regular tree maintenance prevents this tension from arising, while also having the benefit of removing liability should branches from your tree drop onto their property.

Affordable & Reliable Regular Tree Maintenance

We have been a trusted arborist throughout South-East Queensland for decades and can’t wait to put this experience to work for you. Our tree maintenance plans can be customised to suit the intervals you would like, making them affordable and easy to budget around. We also offer a flexible timetable meaning you can have the work carried out during the day while you are at work. All of the work is carried out by experienced, professional local arborists.

Regular tree maintenance with O’Brien’s Tree Care is available to residents and businesses in Bribie Island, Caboolture, North Brisbane, Moreton Bay and across the Sunshine Coast. To arrange a time for one of our qualified arborists to give you a quote, contact us on 0431 740 088. You can also get in touch with us online by heading to our contact page and filling in our online form. We look forward to hearing from you and establishing a plan to keep everyone on your property safe and sound.

Regular Tree Maintenance is recommended