Tree Removal: Considerations & Advice

Trees can make a beautiful addition to your property. Trees make any outdoor space more livable, they can create shade, offer privacy, provide homes and food for native wildlife and even increase your property value. But trees can also become hazards around the home. Tree removal isn’t a decision to take lightly and understanding your trees, potential risks and the removal process is key to getting the job done right the first time.

Reasons for Tree Removal

There are plenty of reasons you might need to remove a tree from your property. Trees are living things and while many can live for hundreds of years they can still die. Whether a tree is diseased, dying or dead removing it quickly and efficiently is important for more than just the visual appeal of your garden. Removal of the tree will prevent potential injuries or damage caused by the tree or branches falling. It can also help stop disease or pests from spreading to other healthy trees.

Healthy trees can also pose risks that require their removal. Large canopies can spread over your home and potentially cause serious damage if branches drop onto the structure. Large trees can also interfere with power lines. Not only can branches extending into your neighbour’s property cause disputes and other issues, but you may also be liable for any damage the tree causes.

Root systems can also pose threats that often go overlooked. As a general rule of thumb, a tree’s root system will be at least double the size of the tree’s canopy. The actual root spread is dependent on a range of factors including the type of tree and soil conditions but it remains important to remember that a tree’s roots often extend further than you think. Root management systems are an option to prevent tree roots from interfering with structures, footpaths, roads, water pipes and other underground services. However, this may not always be possible and the tree will need to be removed.

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Finding Trustworthy Tree Removalists

There are plenty of horror stories about dodgy contractors and knock-on-door scams offering tree removal. From damaging property and killing or removing perfectly healthy trees to leaving jobs unfinished and disappearing with people’s money, it’s important to do your research when it comes to tree services. You should always be wary of people coming to your door offering unsolicited tree loping or removal. There are a few questions you should always ask before hiring any business for tree removal services.

How big is the team?

To remove even a relatively small tree safely and completely will need several people on site. Any works completed off the ground also need a team of at least two people. Someone claiming they can remove a tree on their own is unlikely to be able to complete the removal properly or safely, if at all.

What are your qualifications?

Be wary of anyone that do not refer to themselves as an arborist. Being an arborist involves a qualification in Arboriculture which includes the study of health and safety and working at heights regulations. Legitimate and qualified people offering any tree service will describe themselves as arborists and stand by their qualifications. Other terms and titles do not indicate any kind of training, skills or knowledge.

What is the value of your public liability insurance?

Any contractor you employ to work on your property should have the appropriate insurance. There are risks inherent with tree removal and the public liability insurance of the business will ensure you are not left out of pocket if any damage occurs while work is being completed. Generally, public liability insurance for this kind of work should be between $10-million and $20-million.

Your Local Tree Removal Specialists

O’Brien’s Tree Care is your local tree care expert across the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Region. With over 10-years of experience in tree care and landscaping, our team of qualified arborists are dedicated to offering high-quality services at the right price.

As a business, we offer complete tree removal services including stump removal, backfilling the hole and cleaning up after ourselves, so the only sign we were there will be the freshly removed tree. Contact us today to discuss your tree removal needs with one of our expert team.