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Trees can be a big asset to some properties. Healthy, mature trees provide shelter and privacy in a garden while offering joy to a household and adding to a beautiful landscape. Some trees may even increase the value of a property due to kerbside appeal.

However, there are also times when trees are a detriment to the property and need to be removed. This isn't a task that homeowners can take lightly, which is why you need the right team on hand to help.

At O'Brien's Tree Care, we offer professional tree removal Sunshine Coast residents can depend on. Our knowledgeable team can help secure your property with a safe, effective service.

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Reasons for Tree Removal on Sunshine Coast Properties

There are a number of reasons why trees on the Sunshine Coast might need to be removed.

A risk to the property

The first potential problem is the risk posed to your property or your neighbour’s property. Some trees can grow faster and larger than expected. Before long, their branches are stretching out closer to your house or other structures.

Not only does this mean a decrease in light as the canopy blocks out the sun, but it also means a risk of structural damage if a branch breaks. Storm damage to trees is a big threat on the Sunshine Coast that can often weaken trees and branches.

There is also the risk posed by the root system. It is easy to forget just how complex these systems are, or how strong those roots can be. They can break through pipes and damage the structure of a home if not managed properly.

A risk to the neighbourhood

There is also the fact that trees could encroach on neighbouring properties or on council land. If you have an overgrown tree with damaged branches hanging over your neighbour's fence, you may be liable if the branches cause any damage.

The tree roots that damage your water lines and underground cables can do just as much damage to the supplies to neighbouring houses.

The same is true for power lines if there isn't enough clearance between the line and the canopy. Finally, you need to consider the risk to pedestrians and cars if your tree overhangs a boundary between your home and a public road.

The health of the tree

Trees may have the potential to live to be hundreds of years old, but there is no guarantee of this happening. Disease can strike and unhealthy, poorly managed trees can die. Tree pruning and tree lopping services help to ensure trees stay healthy.

However, these alone cannot protect a tree from all health risks. Diseased, dying or dead trees are a problem. A decaying tree can collapse and cause damage. A diseased tree can infect others in the area. There is also the fact that these trees look terrible in the garden.

Anyone looking to sell their home needs to remove these eyesores in an efficient manner. Having the tree removed is the safest option all round.

What can a skilled tree removal team do to help?

If you find yourself with a tree that needs to be removed on your property, it is important that you call upon a reliable team of experts. A professional arborist can take down any problem tree in a safe, effective manner.

At O’Brien’s Tree Care, we have the knowledge to diagnose diseases and perform vital health checks on your trees. Under no circumstances should you attempt to fell a tree yourself - even if it is your tree and your property. The wrong action could send the tree falling in the wrong direction with great force.

This could put family members, your home and maybe power supplies or neighbouring properties at risk. Also, there is a health and safety risk in handling any large tools.

A professional can handle the problem with the right risk assessment and the best tools for the job. The unwanted tree will be out of there in no time. You can also call upon our experienced team for a comprehensive service, such as additional stump removal and landscaping services.

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Why turn to O'Brien's Tree Care for tree removal in Sunshine Coast?   

Our team at O'Brien's Tree Care can provide that level of expertise and professionalism for your garden. This experienced team of Sunshine Coast tree loppers can handle anything from low-key pruning and maintenance to these larger tree removal tasks.

We are professional arborists with years of experience in creating tree care solutions to a high level of customer satisfaction. We also aim to help you find the service and approach that suits your budget. It doesn't matter if you have one small tree outside your home or a host of them to maintain.

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