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The removal of a tree isn’t limited to simply cutting it down. Safe and complete tree removal services go much further. There is no need to leave an unsafe and ugly stump behind taking up space on your property after the tree has been felled. Arborists that specialise in tree removal provide a more complete package with stump removal and stump grinding options.

At O’Brien’s Tree Care we offer premium stump grinding services in the Sunshine Coast, Northside Brisbane & Caboolture. Watch the unsafe stump disappear with our efficient, comprehensive tree root removal packages.

Why is stump grinding and removal so important?

The problem of an old tree isn’t over when you chop it down at the base. There is still a large stump left behind. This lump of decaying wood can cause a range of problems when left alone in your garden.

Ignored tree stumps:

  • Invite termites and other pests to your property damaging other plants and structures
  • Create a breeding ground for fungus and other weeds that look ugly can endanger other trees nearby
  • Take up valuable space in your garden and prevent landscaping and planting new trees
  • Make mowing more difficult and hitting concealed roots can seriously damage your mower
  • Pose a fire hazard in bush-fire season
  • Pose a tripping hazard

This is why it pays to remove the whole tree, not just the majority of it.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a quick and thorough way of removing a stump, for trees large and small. Whether the stump is from a recently felled tree or it’s old and rotting, stump grinding is an efficient way to deal with the stump.

As the name suggests, stump grinding is a way of grinding down the dead wood of those old tree stumps. Using heavy machinery the stump is ground down into woodchip or even dust. By grinding below the surface of the ground, the process ensures the root system will die off and no new growth will come up. Once the hole is back-filled you can immediately build or landscape over the top as if the tree was never there.

How do you know what kind of stump removal you need?

There is a range of ways to remove stumps and the best way to remove a stump depends on several things including:

  • The age and size of the stump
  • The kind of tree and the size of its root system
  • The surrounding area, including structures, landscaping and soil type

It’s also important to understand why the stump is being removed. For example, if you want to plant a new garden or build an extension this can inform the best way to remove the stump. When the stump is gone you’ll want the area ready for the new garden or construction to start.

A professional arborist can assess your situation and offer the most effective stump removal solution.

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    Our Sunshine Coast stump removal services

    Here at O’Brien’s Tree Care, we provide more than just a basic removal service. Our expert arborists will come out and use our specialist equipment to grind down the stump and completely remove it from the ground. It doesn’t matter what type of tree you have or how big the stump is. Our machinery and skilled workers can get the job done and transform the old trunk into dust.

    Other companies would finish the job there, leaving you to deal with the debris and the hole. As part of our comprehensive stump grinding and removal services, we take the time to backfill the hole and leave your garden as we found it. With our expert landscapers on hand as well, we will smooth everything over, clean up after ourselves and the only evidence of our work will be the missing stump.

    Stump grinding and root removal is just part of the service

    If you’re looking for a complete tree removal service look no further than O’Brien’s Tree Care. Many companies consider the removal of the stump an extra service beyond just cutting down the tree. These companies treat tree removal and stump removal as separate jobs, which leads to confusion and extra costs for consumers. The best time to remove the stump is when the tree has been freshly felled, and the longer you wait the more problems can arise from the stump.

    When our customers ask us for tree removal we understand they want the whole tree removed not just part of it. That is why we include stump grinding and tree root removal with our tree removal services. Our packages offer comprehensive and affordable tree removal along the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane. Our team has over 10 years of experience and will remove that tree and stump safely and efficiently.

    If you want a tree gone, we will remove the whole tree and fill in the gap so you can reclaim that space straight away.

    Why you need a professional stump removal expert

    There are sure to be some homeowners that look at the stump in the ground and assume that they can handle it. Attempting to remove a stump without the necessary knowledge can put yourself and your property at risk.

    Stump Killer and other poisons are common in DIY stump removal but this is a messy solution. If used incorrectly these chemicals can harm you, your family and your garden. Despite the various claims of these products all they will do is prevent regrowth from the stump but it will still take years for the stump to rot away. People have also attempted to burn out stumps which is incredibly dangerous and not very effective. To get the fire started accelerants are often required and if the stump still contains a lot of moisture it’s unlikely to burn at all. This kind of fire can easily get out of control and pose a huge threat to the people and property in your area.

    Some may try to dig out the stump or even hire stump grinding equipment themselves. Using this kind of heavy-duty machinery without experience can be hazardous. Even if you manage not to hurt yourself or damage your property the time you spend attempting the removal will be excessive. Professionals may make the process look easy but that comes with years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of all kinds of trees.

    It is always best to consult with a professional arborist regarding the kind of tree and the best way to remove it. We can offer equipment and labour at an affordable rate. When dealing with our professional arborists, we can safely complete the tree and stump removal and also advise you on other issues.

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    If you have an old tree stump that needs to be removed, talk to our team for the best tree stump grinding the Sunshine Coast has to offer. With our friendly and efficient service, we can take care of even the most troublesome of stumps. Book today and say goodbye to that stump for good.