Removing Deadwood From Your Trees

As a tree ages, it will start to accumulate deadwood. While this is a natural part of a tree’s life cycle it can present a danger to your property and your family. Let’s take a look at some reasons why removing deadwood is a crucial part of yard maintenance and should be carried out every few years at a minimum.

Deadwood Can Lead To Fallen Branches

Deadwood reduces the structural integrity of your tree and increases the chances of branches falling during winds and strong weather. Falling branches can cause significant damage to your home and injury to its occupants. This is most likely to happen during storm season, leaving parts of your home open to the elements at the worst time until you can have it repaired.

Deadwood Promotes Rot

Another downside to deadwood is the fact it becomes a home to all manner of pests that prefer to make their home there. Pests can introduce diseases and fungi which can cause the wood to rot. Further spreading damage in the tree and others nearby.

Maintaining the health of your trees is vital. Over time an unchecked infection becomes more difficult to treat, to the point where the whole tree must be removed. This is a much more extensive and expensive process.

Regulation Requires It Be Removed

Depending on your location it can actually be required by regulation to remove deadwood. Many schools and government bodies require dead branches that are 30mm or greater in diameter to be removed in order to preserve public safety.

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removing deadwood

O’Brien’s Tree Services Are The Best Choice For Removing Deadwood

The team of highly experienced and qualified professionals at O’Brien’s Tree Services are the perfect choice for removing the deadwood from your trees. Our team understands how it spreads and can make the most informed decision regarding what limbs to cut.

Removing deadwood not only keeps your tree in great health. It also keeps your trees looking great and safe for the people around it. Removing deadwood is a vital part of tree maintenance and should always be carried out by qualified professionals.

When we arrive on-site we will assess the situation and give you a detailed outline going over how we intend to carry out the work and an obligation free quote so you know the full story before we move ahead.

Rural areas like Glass House Mountains as surrounds are areas where these types of tree services may be required.

To arrange your free quote you can call us on 0431 740 088 or contact us online.