Dangerous Tree Removal Caboolture

The team at O’Brien’s Tree Care attended a property at Caboolture this week with a tree that was badly decayed due to a termite infestation at the base of the tree. Termites infestations are generally found in tree trunks, tree stumps, enclosed patios and walls of buildings. Expert advice and tree removal was clearly required.

When termites nest they can be found in mud packs above the ground, below the ground (tree root system) or in the base of the tree. In their aggressive search for food, termites will eat wood and vegetation material e.g plant debris. The attack on the tree system can cause extensive damage to the tree and also surrounding trees and property.

A company in Victoria has written a good article about how to identify it your tree may have termites. It is extremely important to ensure that if termites are identified at your property that you are call a professional arborist to assess the damage caused.

As you can see from the images of this tree that was removed, the termite infestation was so large that it had caused extensive decay through the entire stem of the tree and the base. The termites has also created a second infestation at the neighbouring tree. The action taken by the team included:

  • Assessed all trees on the property for termite infestations and damage
  • Removal of all trees that has termite damage
  • Ground the stumps of the infested trees to remove the food source of the termites.

By completing this action, the main food source for the terminates was removed and this will prevent further infestations from occurring.

However it is also recommended that you also seek advice from a professional pest control service, whom specialises in termite treatment, and ensure any recommended treatments are completed.

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