Turn to The Experts at O’Brien’s Tree Care for Top North Lakes Tree Lopping Solutions

We may look at an old tree at the bottom of a garden and think it is beautiful. But, is it as healthy and productive as it could be?

A tree needs a good shape and the right amount of branches in the right places. Otherwise, it could lose its strength and become less productive. We need to take care of our trees and tree lopping North Lakes services are a great place to start.

Tree lopping and pruning are an important part of the work that we do here at O’Brien’s Tree Care. We cover a large service area around North Lakes including Strathpine, Kallangur and Mango Hill.

Enjoy a range of options for your North Lakes tree pruning needs

We can offer the following for your home:

  • pruning thick or overhanging trees in neighbour’s properties
  • pruning of trees covering gutters on your property
  • reducing the chance of trees falling & causing damage in the event of a storm.

Essentially, we want to provide the right sort of pruning service for the tree. This means assessing its current condition, its future health and any risk to the property or the landscape. The better the shape and structure of a tree, the better its chances of a strong, healthy life.

So why are these North Lakes tree lopping services so important?

Tree lopping and pruning have a number of benefits for the garden and property. These services can often benefit the tree itself.

Some older trees may have too many branches. They can rub and cause wounds, or maybe decrease the efficiency of the tree.

A skilled professional can remove the right branches to shape the tree and improve its health and impact on the environment. Pruning can also remove older, dangerous branches to eliminate security risks to your property. Also, a good looking tree may add some kerb-side value to a home. In each case, the best and safest results always come from an expert.

For residents and businesses in North Lakes, Mango Hill, Kallangur and Strathpine, our tree lopping services can make a difference. Rest easy knowing you’ve got locally trusted professionals at work for you.

We also offer landscaping North Lakes residents have loved for years

Smaller residential gardens, like those in North Lakes, can benefit from some simple, but effective landscaping solutions. These services can help to add some structure and character to a property, as well as the chance to improve the boundaries between gardens.

Our North Lakes landscaping services include decking, turfing, fencing, retaining walls and other gardening services.

One of the key aims with any landscaping service is to provide a transformation of your outdoor space. We want to wow you and not just in the difference of the layout and visual appeal, but in the quality of the work as well.

This means professional attention to every detail in the fencing, decking, planting and pruning of trees. We will do so while still offering complete control to you as the property owner.

Therefore, we will work to your budget and your ideas for the space. All work is carried out by specialists with years of experience.

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    What other North Lakes arborist services can you book with O’Brien’s Tree Care?

    In addition to tree lopping and pruning, our arborists also offer major tree removal services, 24-hour emergency solutions and other important jobs across North Lakes, Mango Hill, Kallangur and Strathpine.

    These services include the following:

    • tree removal
    • removal of decayed trees
    • palm tree removal and cleaning
    • land clearing
    • stump grinding
    • 24-hour storm clean up
    • and much more.

    There are lots of reasons to turn to O’Brien’s Tree Care for a great service. We offer a vast range of arborist and landscaping services locals can enjoy. From tree lopping North Lakes residents can rely on to backyard transformation with landscaping, tree removal and more.

    Call us on 0431 740 088 or use our contact form to learn more and make an appointment with us today!