5 Reasons To Remove That Pesky Stump

If you have been left with a stump after a previous tree removal or a tree falling in a storm then you may consider it not to be an important issue. While you can work around a troublesome stump you and your property are far better off with it gone.

Here are 5 reasons to call O’Brien’s Tree Care in order to remove your stump:

Safety Concerns

A stump can present a danger to your family and guests particularly if your yard is used for play by kids or even adults. Chasing a ball can lead to injury as your not always looking where you are going when trying to take a speccy. Aside from the risk of personal injury an errant stump can also be a legal liability. If someone happens to trip on your stump you can be subject to litigation and it becomes a costly endeavour.

Create some space

When planning new additions to your yard often the presence of a stump can prevent a space from being properly considered. By giving yourself the most space to plan your landscaping you will get the best outcome possible. When you remove the stump you open your yard to a wide range of options and you might end up with a fantastic yard design you never saw coming.

We have the right stuff

In order to best remove a stump you will need a Stump Grinder. While you could consider other methods to remove the stump, using a grinder will be both safer and much faster. As with any specialist equipment, understanding how to use it safely and correctly is paramount. O’Brien’s Tree Care has a wide range of equipment that is well maintained and operated by qualified and experienced arborists.

It avoids costly developments

A stump is a lot like an iceberg. What we see above the surface is only the beginning of the story. While a stump may present little to no growth over time beneath the ground it will be sending out new shoots or suckers. As these start to pop up around the stump they will need to be removed and typically they will just grow right back. A tree’s roots can extend far beyond the stump and its best to just remove it to stop their growth.

Improve the look of your place

While function is always greater than form, sometimes the look of something is enough reason to have it removed. Not only does removing an unsightly stump instantly make your yard look better it will make maintenance easier as well. Mowing around a stump is annoying and also requires a trimmer to get rid of the grass around it.

remove stump
remove stump
remove stump

Need A Stump Removed? Get In Touch With O’Brien’s Tree Care

If you are dealing with an annoying stump and are a bit stumped as to what to do with it then give O’Brien’s Tree Care a call on 0431 740 088. Our qualified arborists are on hand to offer the best advice possible with the goal of getting you the exact outcome you need. You can also contact us online to arrange a free quote.