Catch Up With The Team at O’Brien’s Tree Care

It should come as no surprise that the team at O’Brien’s Tree Care love the great outdoors and how every day on the job is different. Whether it’s the view from the top of a tree, before and after shots from landscaping projects or up close and personal encounters with beautiful native wildlife, our team love to share these unique moments. So let’s check out some recent highlights from our team.

Relocating a New Friend

While removing some mango trees our team came across this little guy. Green Tree Snakes, sometimes just called Common Tree Snakes are a regular sight in backyards across the Sunshine Coast. With no fangs or venom, these little snakes are essentially harmless to people and prefer to slither away if feeling threatened.

After snapping a few pictures the team relocated this snake to another nearby tree away from the trees being removed.

Eye in the Sky

We never get sick of the view from the top of a tree. Whether we’re maintaining or removing a tree entirely getting a look at the top makes it easy to assess the tree and complete work safely.

As much as we hate to see gum trees be removed they can become serious hazards in suburban areas. This tree was leaning over the neighbouring property and with storm season fast approaching it had to go. Often our team will climb the trees their working on but depending on the age, health, and growth pattern, climbing a gum tree is not always an option. For this job, our arborist was working from a raised platform to make removing this tree safe and efficient

Before & After Landscaping Transformation

We offer complete landscaping northside and Sunshine Coast residents know and love. This brand new house had recently finished construction and there was nothing around it. Our team completely transformed the front yard and down the side of the house.

With any landscaping project, we want to make every house feel more like home. We can create beautiful and livable spaces whether you’re starting from scratch or want to update your existing outdoor areas. Whatever your landscaping goals our team can help craft the perfect solution.

Watching Us Work

This little possum was keeping a close eye on us as we completed some pruning on this tree. Regular pruning and maintenance is key to ensuring your trees stay healthy and can continue to provide homes like this for wildlife.

If you enjoy watching us work too we share highlights like these and more over on our Facebook page. Find inspiration for your next landscaping project, keep up to date with our team, get tree care and landscaping tips and of course meet some of the animals we see every day.