Storm Season Is Here

In Queensland Summer means storm season. Our weather can be extremely unpredictable during this time, bringing a whole new set of dangers to your property. These severe storms can come very quickly and leave a trail of damage and destruction.

Trees can be hazardous in a storm as the force of the winds and rain can cause limbs to fail and fall from the tree, or in a worst case scenarios, the tree can completely uproot from the ground.

To reduce the risk of damage to your house, car, shed and other structures on your property. It can be even more dangerous if the tree or limbs of the tree fall onto a powerline.

To ensure your tree is healthy and there is reduced risk of the tree failing in a storm it is recommended that your tree is inspected on a regular basis by an arborist, as part of the maintenance and upkeep. For a full list of services we provide click here

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