What Is A Tree Surgeon?

Tree surgeons are very well named; their meticulous attention to the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs sometimes takes on the painstaking attention to detail more seen in a hospital operating theatre. Other times it’s about bringing down gigantic old trees exactly where you want them or correctly planting new trees so that they can flourish. Whatever the task, tree surgery is an art few can master.

The team at O’Brien’s Tree Care are all trained to Cert III or above with our mature supervisors trained up to Cert V, making sure the young saplings are all up to scratch. We take our job seriously as it can be dangerous and making sure all of our staff understand every step of any process we carry out is paramount to ensuring the best possible service.

What Does A Tree Surgeon Do?

The vast array of tasks that tree surgeons can be called upon to carry out range from risk management to aesthetic considerations and legal issues within our towns and suburbs. Businesses often call in tree surgeons for management of trees on-site in order to fulfil a range of occupational health and safety obligations.

Tree felling is obviously a large part of the job, but this seemingly straightforward task has to have expert assessment long before the tree itself can be brought down. Obviously the size is of substantial consideration, but also the age, species, root system and immediate environment must all be taken into account. Only a qualified arborist with comprehensive insurance should supervise a tree felling.

While felling is what most people think of, there’s so much more that O’Brien’s Tree Care offers: pest and disease management, tree shaping, root management, stump grinding, tree shaping and planting; the list goes on and on. Above all, we are all passionate about our trees. Their care, maintenance and sustainability are at the forefront of our ethos.

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Do You Need A Tree Surgeon?

O’Brien’s Tree Care service a large region from Moreton Bay and North Brisbane up to the Sunshine Coast and have enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the most experienced and reliable team of tree surgeons in the area for over twenty years.

So if you need a qualified, experienced tree surgeon for whatever your tree requirements, contact us today for a fast, free, no obligation quote. Call us on 0431 740 088 to discuss your tree service needs or contact us online and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.