Winter Tree Care – 5 Simple Steps

While this winter has us all looking to get cosy and beat the biting cold, it is worth giving some thought to your trees and their health. Winter can place a good amount of stress on your trees and taking a few simple steps is a great way to not only protect them but also your property. Another great side effect of winter tree care is that your efforts to help them through this chilly season will also help them thrive in the future.

5 Easy Steps For Better Winter Tree Care

Become A Tree Inspector

Take a wander and inspect the trees on your property, taking special note of any that have branches overhanging structures or your neighbour’s yard. Winter can feature some heavy storms with high winds that can cause tree limbs to break and fall so keeping an eye on any overhanging branches is a great way to stay safe.

Do Some Proactive Pruning

This step goes hand in hand with doing a tree inspection and is another positive move we can make to ensure we are providing the best winter tree care possible. By pruning weak branches you not only reduce the chance of them falling and causing damage but you also let the tree direct energy towards healthier limbs which results in a stronger, more stable tree.

winter tree care

Check On Deciduous Trees

Deciduous means a tree that drops its leaves once a year, usually in autumn. A tree without leaves is very vulnerable and the cold can result in brittle wood which presents a further threat. It is not all negatives however, as the resulting loss of leaves also provides a great opportunity to check on its structure to make sure it is sound and healthy.

Take Care Of Young Trees

While planting during autumn and winter can be a risky proposition in of itself, taking care of any newly planted trees is a must when winter rolls around. A lack of root structure makes them vulnerable to high winds which is exasperated by the surrounding soil being waterlogged from too much rain and not enough sunshine.

winter tree care

Choose The Right Trees

The best course of prevention is to pick trees who can handle all types of weather, especially the colder months. Trees that are native to your area serve as a great starting point because they already thrive in your local environment. Talking to a professional is always recommended and O’Brien’s Tree Care can consult with you and provide invaluable insights into what trees will handle the cold.

Talk To A Qualified Arborist About Winter Tree Care

If you want to make sure all your bases are covered and you have given your trees the best chance at making it through the winter months without lasting repercussions, you need to talk with a qualified arborist. Our decades of experience means we understand local flora better than anyone else and can assess the trees on your property to determine if there is any cause for concern.

Aside from our on-site tree assessments, we have a full range of tree services available across South-East Queensland including tree removal, stump grinding, tree lopping and landscaping. To get in touch with us about any of our services including advice on how best to care for your trees during winter, give O’Brien’s Tree Care a call on 0431 740 088 or contact us online to arrange a time that suits you.